Lincoln 15 months

January 10, 2013

Lincoln your 15 months old (well technically almost 16 months, I seriously slacked on getting this post up. But this post will be what you were up to until you turned 15 months). You had a very busy 3 months; you traveled to 2 states, got to play in the ocean, learned to walk (!!!), and you grew a whole lot.


When I say you grew a lot, I mean you grew ALOT! Nearly 3 inches in 3 months! The nurse measured you twice because she couldn’t believe you had grown that much. You are now 32.5 inches tall (95%). And you wear 18 months to 2t clothes. I watched you sleep last night, and I can’t believe how big you are.


You slimmed down the last few months. No longer are you a chubby baby (don’t worry, your cheeks are still fabulously squeezable), you are turning in to a lean toddler. You actually lost weight since your last appointment, and weigh just under 27 lbs. It does not mean that I want to carry you around, your still heavy. So I was ecstatic when you learned to walk last month. You waited until just 10 days before you turned 15 months to walk. I guess you wanted to make sure I could post about it, I appreciate that.

You learned to walk while we were visiting your grandparents in Hawaii. Speaking of Hawaii for a moment… you weren’t so sure of it at first. The sand is dirty and the water is cold. It took 4 days for you to adjust to the beach enough to crawl or walk on it. The first day you would just look at the sand on your hands and cry, then show them to me so that I would clean them. You did like (okay love) shaved ice, and you thought the luau was awesome (you managed to get high fives from every band member and one of the fire dancers). Now back to you learning to walk…


Maybe you just wanted a bigger audience. But regardless of the reason, I love that you are walking now.  People always warn moms that we better be prepared for all kinds of trouble once you start walking. I don’t think you (or your sister) wreak any more havoc walking then you did crawling. And you look so stinking cute toddling around.


See you caused all kinds of trouble even before you started walking.


You have a strange obsession with the toilet (one your sister never had. Maybe because when she was little we only had 1 toilet – and it did not have a kid seat on it to prevent it from closing easily – so we were able to keep it closed). You love playing with the toilet paper. I will sometimes catch you unraveling the toilet paper and throwing it in the toilet. Right idea kid, that is where it goes, but I would prefer if you sat on the potty and used it first before throwing the toilet paper in it. It doesn’t stop at toilet paper, I have caught you trying to throw all kinds of things in the toilet. Yes bath toys do float, but they belong in the BATH!

Or the pool… you took swim classes up until we went on vacation. And you loved it. You were finally starting to kick when asked, especially when the teacher brought out the balls. Your teacher knew how to motivate you, and kicking a ball around is something you love to do!


It got cold here (and when we were on vacation), so I got to put you in really cute hats. This is probably my favorite one. Luckily you let me put you in all kinds of hats without too much complaint. This photo is from when we went to the fire station, which you loved! You thought the firemen were awesome, and they had trucks! You love trucks, well anything with wheels.


See; anything with wheels. Cars, bikes, strollers, skateboards.


I’ve never had so many things with wheels in my house before. Your daddy is thrilled. Even Fiona is stoked about all the additional cars (I did not deprive your sister of cars, she had them… just not to the abundance that you do. And you will play with them all).

You know 12 words; mama, dada, dog, moon, balloon, banana, ball, vroom (seriously adorable as you push things around saying “vrooom!”), hi, bye, bubble, and blow. You don’t use them all the time, but you know them. You prefer to grunt and point. And you are very good about saying yes and no (nodding or shaking your head. Your sister loved to say no, you however; love to say yes. You answer yes to almost everything. Do you want yogurt? Do you want to go play? Do you think Tibi looks funny in the pirate hat? Do you want to take a nap? You say yes to that last one, but you almost never mean it).


You still have a fabulous sense of humor, and you think everything is funny. You have the same infectious giggle that you have had since you 4 months old. I can’t help but smile when I hear it, even when you are doing something you aren’t suppose to be doing, like feeding the dogs (that for some reason is awesome).

You have grown and changed so much in the last 3 months. You have traveled (and traveled well), learned to walk, talked more and experienced all kinds of new things. It makes me a little sad that your not my baby any more. But you are one seriously cute toddler, so it almost makes up for it. You need me less now (you decided to be done with nursing at 13 months, that made mama really sad), but its a joy to watch your confidence and independence grow.


2 Responses to “Lincoln 15 months”

  1. Kathy said

    You seriously should make this into a book and print it for him like shutterfly or any that are running a promotion. Capture in print what digitally could get deleted or lost 🙂 WHAT A WONDERFUL MEMORY YOU HAVE CREATED. I Loved every word

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