Mahoney Family

January 8, 2013

I am seriously behind on photo posting. I have a couple of family shoots and oh so many from hawaii. My camera, my two adorable kids, and the beach? Yeah, there are tons of photos.

But for now here is a sweet family that I did family photos for last year (that sounds so long ago). They have a little girl, who is adorable! Her big blue eyes, and those curls! And talk about adorable, check out her vintage dress.


She was such a fun kid to shoot. She had just mastered walking and was moving on to running.Image

And she loved to chase the birds!Image

This park might look familiar, I did a shoot with another family there as well. I actually did the shoots back to back. The two family are friends/neighbors and when the other family heard that I was taking this family’s photos at Auditorium Shores they wanted to come too.Image

I love daddy/daughter photos. I bet this little girl has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.Image

Awe, a mothers love. Its a good thing we (as parents) love our kids as much as we do. Kids can be gross. A few weeks ago, Lincoln had a cold. He was a snotty disgusting mess. He sneezed, and had snot all over his face and he leans over to Mark and goes “Mwah” to ask for a kiss. Mark barely blinked an eye before giving Lincoln a kiss, snot and all. Thats love only a parent can give Image

Aren’t they adorable? It was alot of fun photographing them.


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