New Years Resolutions

January 1, 2013

As I welcome 2013, I look back at the last year and reflect on what I accomplished last year. I went back and looked at my resolutions for 2012, and I didn’t accomplish them all (still haven’t finished my website, I did finish decorating several rooms but didn’t photograph them, I didn’t run as much as I wanted, I also didn’t blog every week – but I was close!), so those resolutions will be revisited this year. But overall I’m proud and happy with 2012. It was an incredibly busy year, which involved lots of work, travel (mostly for work, but some for pleasure), and fun. But it was also a stressful year with the increase of work.


These are a few of my favorite photos from last year (although there was really too many to chose from)

So as I look forward to 2013 there are some resolutions that I will make and goals that I will set;

1) Strive to find balance between work, parenting, and me. As my work picked up I didn’t want to let down my clients or my family, so I ignored me. I didn’t run or work out as much as I wanted, and I procrastinated and put off doing many things that I shouldn’t have. Although to achieve this goal I will have to learn to ask for help.

2) Continue to pick up my camera and blog about it. Whether it is clients or personal blogging helps me organize my thoughts and helps me see what I have done over the year. So my goal will again be once a week.

3) I picked up several new clients last year, and did some fun projects. I hope to continue my business relationships from last year and hopefully I will continue to grow.

4) We are still settling in to this house (I know its been 2 years now, but there are still things we want to do). Last year we got Lincoln’s room (mostly) done, our closet done (complete with chandelier and art work), the downstairs bathroom redecorated, and built a huge and fabulous deck (along with landscaping) in the back yard. This year we hope to finish the garage (maybe get my glass studio set back up), and redo the floors downstairs. There will be some other small projects, but the big one will be the floors. Hopefully I will get around to taking photos of the projects as we do them.

Here is to a happy and prosperous 2013!


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