Smithville Photo Festival

November 9, 2012

A few weeks ago I went to the Smithville Photo Festival with Mark. Normally its not really my thing, but both of us had been traveling so much that I didn’t really care where we were going or what we were doing, we were just looking forward to some grown up time with out the kids.

Smithville is a cute little texas town that puts on the photo festival every year. They set up staged areas and invite models and photographers to come out. The town is adorable and picturesque. With lots of antique stores to wander through.

I *may* have bought some things in one of those cute antique stores that we wandered through.

The festival was a little odd. Some models dressed in costume, most were in cowboy/old west type outfits. But some just wore whatever they felt like. 1 person walked around as a pirate, in a kilt, puling a parrot in a wagon. It was a little weird.

Not my style of photography at all. I will somewhat stage a shoot, more with babies (babies can be plopped down anywhere and they don’t complain). Mostly I show up somewhere with a client/friends/the kids, and let things happen. I will somewhat try to direct, but when you work with kids you get used to them not listening to you. Sometimes trying to direct them leads to temper tantrums and melt downs, so I just work with the kids and what they want to do.

Even when I shoot adults they aren’t models. They tend to be self conscious in front of a camera. So it was hard for me to shoot models. You would think it would be easy after dealing with kids, but it was really hard for me to adjust to some one sitting still and not interacting with their environment. At least not interacting in what felt was a real way.

I was happy with some of my photos, it was just hard for me to get comfortable shooting with a group of photographers all shooting the same person at the same time. But Lizzie was an excellent model.

This is my favorite shot of the day. James was laughing at somebody doing something stupid behind me. James was a great model, and he even pretended to throw a temper tantrum to make me feel more comfortable since I joked that I wasn’t used to working with pros and that I usually worked with kids.

It was a fun day, and its good for me to get out of my comfort zone every once in awhile and broaden my photography skills.


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