Happy Halloween!!

October 31, 2012

Its Halloween! Fiona is very excited to head to her friends house for Trick or Treating tonight. In honor of it being Halloween I had to post more pumpkin patching/Halloween goodness.

When I went pumpkin patching with both kids my friend Amy met us there with her daughter. Judging little Miss Emily’s expression she wasn’t all that impressed with the pumpkin patch. Or she might not have been impressed with Lincoln, who is currently sitting just out of frame stealing her pumpkins.

Even with a frown Miss Emily is still adorable (and so is her mama!).

The second time I went pumpkin patching (yes of course I go more then once. Quiet honestly I was impressed that I kept it to only 2 trips to the pumpkin patch this year), our friend and her son met us there. Ethan couldn’t have cared less about the pumpkins he just wanted to push Lincoln around in his stroller. At least the two boys had fun.

Over the weekend we went to the fall festival at Fiona’s school. I baked cupcakes for the cupcake walk (but forgot to take a photo with anything other then my phone), and Mark played the guitar for the cupcake walk. Fiona has a lifetime (or at least the next 18 years) of us being involved with her education. I was excited to bake my first batch of cupcakes (yes, I am totaly that mom, and completely okay with it) for a school activity.

They had a face painting booth, and Fiona asked for a witch, so the lady gave her a witches hat. It was great because with all the running around and playing she had ditched her own hat. Fiona loved the hat!

Fiona and her friends are so cute together. This is 3 out of the 5 that are usually inseparable at school. And look, there is one of my cupcakes! Well part of one, I see that the frosting was the first thing to go.

Lincoln once  again as the lorax. There is a big tree panting project going on a few miles from our house. Every time we drive by it Fiona talks about how happy the Lorax will be that they are planting truffula trees instead of chopping them down. The lorax is very happy indeed Fiona.

I promise many more photos of both kids later this week of them trick or treating tonight.


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