Pumpkin Patching

October 29, 2012

Halloween week is finally here! The last week has been busy with pumpkin patching, fall festivals, and Halloween parties. In other words, it has been fabulous. And as an added bonus the weather has even been fall like the last few days. I love fall; the soup, sweaters, hot apple cider, pumpkins, and pumpkin related food (bread, pie, bars, ravioli, roasted, and seeds). We have fully embraced the season and we went pumpkin patching a couple of times last week. One can never have too many pumpkins.

We needed several pumpkins; one for carving, one to decorate for Fiona’s fall festival, and a couple little ones for the kids.

Looks like Lincoln has found his pumpkin. I love that Lincoln will still hold relatively still when I plop him in a pile of pumpkins. Then again I did plop him  in a pile of his favorite things; giant orange balls (well they are close enough to balls for him).

Fiona on the other hand does not sit still. She felt that the pumpkins were issuing her a challenge and to win she must climb over and on every pumpkin in the patch. At least she climbed over to give her brother a hug.

How cute are they? And that look Fiona is giving me? It is saying “mom, you have a few more seconds and then Im going to go attempt a headstand on that pumpkin over there just to see if I can”.

Lincoln was content to sit and play with the “balls”. Which is what he sat there repeating; “ball, ball, ball, ball”.

Fiona searched and searched and finally found her little pumpkin.

She seems pretty proud of it.

Lincoln finally realized that the giant orange balls could be climbed.

Ahh, aren’t they cute? Isn’t this a sweet moment of sibling love? No, not really. Note that Lincoln is attempting to eat a snack. His little mouth is full of Pirates Booty. This is Fiona’s attempt to steal said snack. Cleverly disguised as sister love and a hug.

No, I did not ask her to get in this position. This is simply how she settled after climbing an entire pile of pumpkins.

And look. She was successful in stealing Lincoln’s snack. The evidence is in her hand.

While Fiona was at school, Lincoln and I met a friend at another pumpkin patch, I figured while we were there I would put Lincoln in his costume. Doesn’t he make an adorable Lorax? I can’t help but smile at him every time he wears his costume. Lincoln I hope that someday you do speak for the trees.


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