California – San Francisco

October 22, 2012

Our flight home was in the afternoon, so we headed up early to spend our last morning in California  in San Francisco. We drove up to the golden gate bridge. Fiona was really excited because she has a book about California and it has the golden gate bridge in it. So the entire time she kept saying “its the orange bridge, just like in my book!”

I bundled up the kids, I had to borrow a sweater for Lincoln. I had none in his size since it was summer. And unlike summer in California, summer in Texas does not need a sweater. Luckily Lincoln is big for his age and was able to fit into a sweater that a friends son had recently outgrown.

Fiona had a lot of fun playing and goofing off. She was also being an excellent big sister and helped me push Lincolns stroller around.

Poor Lincoln was miserably sick. He had been running a fever of 103 for 2 days (and he ran it for several more days after we got home). He was a trooper though, he didn’t really fuss but he did nap alot. Every time we got in the car to go somewhere he would sleep. He even slept as Fiona and I pushed his stroller around San Francisco.

We walked out on to the bridge to just over the water. Fiona wanted to keep walking but it was freezing out over the water, and Lincoln was sick so I didn’t want him to get too cold.

But Fiona loved being on the bridge. We pointed out the boats, and we even saw a lone dolphin swimming below us. She watched it for awhile playing in the waves.

I was trying to get Fiona to pose for a photo, which is something she just doesn’t do. I guess when you often have a camera in your face you learn to ignore it, which suits my style of photography. But every once in awhile I would love it if she looked at the camera and smiled. Most of the time when I get a smiling photo its because I sat there with my camera waiting for the moment to take the photo. So we were looking at the bridge and she had stolen my headband to keep the hair out of her face with the wind. And when I asked her to look at me so that I could take a photo she kept covering her eyes and saying it was too bright. So then she stole my sunglasses (after all the were perched on top of my head not being used…) and agreed to at least not cover her face for the photo. You will notice that she is still not looking at me… but I’ll take it!

This is my favorite photo of Fiona from our trip. Its just so Fiona. She is a spunky little 3 year old full of sass.

Pier 39 and the sea lions, I figured since we were in San Francisco we might as well do the touristy thing and go to pier 39. We ate clam chowder (well I ate clam chowder, Fiona had tomato soup and Lincoln had apple sauce), rode the carousel, watched the sea lions and stopped at the candy store. Even picked up a souvenir  snow globe (which Fiona sadly broke at the airport even though she was REALLY careful). We were as touristy as we could get, and the kids loved it.

I’m not sure if it was the wrong time of day, or the wrong season but there wasn’t that many sea lions at the pier. Maybe a third of what is normally there. But the kids still enjoyed watching them. Fiona still talks constantly about our trip to California and about the things we did and the paces we went. We will be heading back out to California in about 5 weeks (well I will be heading out there in 3 weeks, but then we are all heading back out in 5 weeks). Fiona is at a great age that she loves to travel and experience new things, and for the most part she is a great traveler. I hope that Lincoln grows to be an equally great traveler, so far he is a fabulous little traveler and rather pro for 13 months.


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