California – Halfmoon Bay

October 19, 2012

Before we headed back to Texas I knew we had to go to the beach one more time. I love the pacific, there is no other ocean that compares to it (and I have seen alot of them). The colors, the sound, the smell, the pacific ocean is unique especially northern California. The water is cold (really cold as Fiona discovered later), the colors are beautiful blue, greens and grays, and it smells a little like seaweed. I could have sat there all day watching and listening to the waves. Being near the ocean makes my heart happy, and showing it to my kids makes me even happier.

The kids had fun digging in the sand and playing.

Yes, we live in Texas hours from the coast. That does not mean that I can’t dress my kid as a surfer. We can paddle board in the river, which means brands such as Hurley, Billabong, and O’neill are perfectly acceptable.

See even Fiona is practicing her surfing stance. My kids will know and love the ocean. They are part Ewing, its in their blood.

Look at that grin, he knows how much fun the beach is.

Texas has its own beauty, like fields of wildflowers growing everywhere. There is a empty field at the front of our subdivision that changes colors many times a year as different wild flowers come into season. And the sunsets here are gorgeous. I can stand on our back deck and watch the sky paint itself gorgeous hues of pinks and oranges. But its a different beauty then that of the northern California coast.

A part of me  will always consider this home. And its the same part of me that smiles when I recognize a wave photo from California.

The kids had fun playing at the beach. Digging their toes in the sand and finding shells.

I have a photo of Fiona when she was just a little older then Lincoln with her name written in the sand. Fiona was walking at the time and danced around while I wrote her name. Lincoln on the other hand could have cared less and was much more interested in chasing the birds and the waves.

And he is off! At this point the lens cap was paced back on my camera and we went to go dip our toes in the water. Fiona quickly learned that if your not careful the waves will knock you over. Fiona got knocked down and was instantly soaked in freezing cold water. We headed toward the warmth of the car and our towels.


2 Responses to “California – Halfmoon Bay”

  1. anorwen said

    Half Moon Bay is incredible, isn’t it? One of my favorite places in North Cali.

  2. auntie k said

    These are adorable !

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