Beachy wedding -the celebration

October 17, 2012

After the I do’s is when the fun happens; all of your friends celebrating your union. And celebrate we did! But first we had to tackle all of the must have photos of the wedding party. Brides with parents, brides with flower girls, brides with sisters, the list went on. I was tasked with making sure things moved as quickly as possible and with attempting to keep the flower girls entertained.

We played several games of red light, green light.

They showed off their twirling abilities, Shae thought her dressed twirled well.

As soon as the photos were done we headed back to the house to join the reception already in progress.

Whenever I miss the “girls” from california, these are normally the ones I’m missing. Not that I don’t miss my other friends as well. But these girls and I did weekly girls nights, and then once we all started having kids it got pushed to bi-weekly or monthly. And every time I go back we try to fit one in. Wine and these girls make me happy.

The reception was a fun party, which included orange jello shots.Cheers!

There was some dancing. By both the grown ups….

and the kids.

There was the usual toasts. Reminding the brides just how much they are loved.

And that we all wish them a life time of happiness.

Instead of the traditional cake they went with cupcakes. Who doesn’t love cupcakes?

There was still the traditional smashing of cake into the faces though

And a sweet kiss to help with the clean up. This was another favorite photo of mine. Love is fun and loving each other has many fun moments. This was a fun cake smashing moment and a sweet show of love.

Congrats you two! Seriously I love you guys and wish that you have a long and happy life together.


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