Beachy wedding – Getting Ready

October 15, 2012

I arrived at the brides house ready to capture the day ahead. Mark was at the ceremony location scouting lighting and places to do the the bridal party shots. I was at the house pretty much hanging out with one of my best friends watching the chaos of a wedding.And true to a typical wedding, there was a lot of chaos. The backyard was in the middle of being made over from a backyard to a beachy reception area, compete with beach shack and bar. Food for the reception was being cooked in the kitchen (they had a mashed potato bar, which was fabulously tasty, but I don’t think I have ever seen so many potatoes cooked in my life). One bridesmaid was at the ER getting stitches from a dropped vase so tensions were running a little high. But the wedding must go on, so the prep work moved forward. I hid in one of the bedrooms while the girls got ready (and there were a lot of girls in the wedding! In fact the entire bridal party with the exception of the ring bearer was female).

The flowers were brought in amid the chaos, and I got to check out the bridal bouquet; beautiful red roses.

Nails were painted, make-up applied, hair was styled.

The usual girly prepping was going on.

Since both brides got ready at the same place, I got photos of both of them getting ready.

Megan had her grandmother’s rings that they were going to wear during the wedding so that her grandmother could be part of their day.

Megan getting herself dolled up.

This was probably my favorite moment of the morning. They had just put on Megan’s grandmothers rings. It was a quiet sweet moment amid the chaos.

Jill getting her hair done.

Once we were all ready I drove Jill over to the ceremony location. We had a few minutes to wait while everyone got ready, so the bridal party all passed around a flask for a little pre walk down the aisle drink.

Jill’s sister luckily made it to the ceremony in time, even with her detour to the ER.

Jill’s best friend, and mother to the flower girls and ring bearer.

The bride had a quick sip to calm her nerves before being the center of attention (one of her least favorite things).

Even the mother of the bride had a sip.

Then the guitarist started his walk down the aisle, and the fun of the ceremony started. At this point Mark took over shooting with our friend Aaron. Mark wanted to make sure I actually got to see my friend get married, not just witness it through a lens. So he had our friend join us to help shoot. I tried to take a few photos, but staying out of the way of two other photographers was enough work that I just watched my friend wed the woman she loved.

Congratulations Jill and Megan! May the rest of your lives be as full of love as your wedding day.


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