California – Friends and babies

October 3, 2012

About 16 months ago I went to California for a baby shower. Some how my friends had convinced me to do a triple baby shower. How often are 3 friends pregnant at the same time all due within a month? Not very!However,  I hate baby showers, I flat out refused to have one for Fiona. Instead my friends threw me a welcome home shower. To me that meant more; a celebration that she was home…alive. Now don’t get me wrong, I love hosting baby showers I just don’t like to be the guest of honor. Why do I dislike them so much? Well it goes back to Penelope, she was born a few weeks after my baby shower and I remember that all of the thank you notes from her shower were sitting on my front seat when we found out. I remember being very concerned about what to do with those thank you notes. I have no idea what happened to them, but I am thankful that someone got rid of them for me, because I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to it myself.

Anyway… back to the topic at hand. My friends convinced me to come out for a baby shower. I would never have agreed if it had just been me, but it was with two other mama’s (and in my head, I pretended it was just for them). While I was back this time we were finally able to get all three of those babies together.

Seriously, my friends make cute kids. Lily (on the right) is the oldest, followed by Nico (on the left), Lincoln is the youngest of the group (center). All born within a month of each other.

Why yes, Lincoln is huge in comparison. But Im probably a good 5 inches taller then the other mamas, so it makes sense that Lincoln towers over them. In order to keep all three kids in one spot with none of them crawling off, there are about 5 people behind me loudly singing the ABC’s to keep the kids entertained. It also explains why not a single kid is actually looking at me, and instead are watching their moms look like fools.

I hope that when I make it out on my sporadic California trips that I get to see these 2 kids (and their mama’s) so that we can see how they are doing and compare. Because even though your not suppose to compare we all do. Nico walks by himself, Lily walks along furniture, and Lincoln hadn’t even figured out that he could pull himself (at least at the time of this photo). But Lincoln talks more then the other two, and umm… he obviously eats more.

The kids were so cute together. Nico is staring at Lincoln and Lincoln looks like he is thinking “dude (yes, my kid is a CA surfer kid even though we live in Texas), why are you looking at me like that”. oh I think Nico was just trying to figure out how best to tackle you, Lincoln.

Its okay, Lincoln has like 6 lbs on him.

While the boys were outside being boys, Lily had wandered into the book store. She is quite the little lady.

Of course the Nuttmans were there. The Fabulous O, is growing up to be a fabulous big girl.

In case you were wondering, Grant’s eyes are still the amazing blue that they were when he was a baby. Sigh… girls would kill for those lashes!

We all had a lot of fun seeing each other and watching the kids play. We have known each other all for years, I think almost a decade (at least that is how long I have known them, some of them have known each other even longer). Now our kids play together while we eat lunch and chat. I wish I could see them all the time, but even if I still lived in California I probably wouldn’t see them on a daily or weekly biases. I would be lucky if it was monthly. It took about 5 weeks of planning to coordinate everyone’s schedules so that we could all see each other while I was there. We are all busy people. But am I glad that by some stroke of luck we were all free the same morning and that I got to finally meet Nico and Kaylana (who isn’t pictured because at just a few months old she happily napped through most of our visit).


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