California – Play

October 1, 2012

Sunday was an action packed day, in fact it was so full of visiting many fabulous people that Im going to have to break the day up over several posts in an attempt to not inundate you with photos. Its an attempt I will probably still fail at because my friends have seriously cute kids and I took way, way to many photos.

We started off Sunday by heading up to Play in Los Altos. Its a really fun indoor play/education center. The kids could climb, jump, put on puppet shows, play with trucks, play dress up, read, learn in the science center, do arts and crafts in the art room. The list goes on and on. Its all in the name; Play. Those kids played!

Ahh… the Nuttmans! Its been awhile since the Nuttmans have made an appearance on the blog. But no trip to California is complete without seeing Angela and her kiddos. Fiona had a lot of fun playing with the fabulous Miss O.

I’m pretty sure Fiona aged her father several years with her dare devil stunts. Lets hope she gets her fathers coordination (and bone density) and that she can make it through childhood with minimal broken bones (I hope for none… but she is my child and I broke far more bones then i would like to admit).

Little Miss Lily showed up, and Lincoln had a partner in crime.

Although judging from Lily’s expression she has doubts about her playmate. Although she could just be wondering “Good god, what do they feed you?? Your huge! And why is your tongue always sticking out?” (Yep another tongue shot, its kinda like where’s Waldo, but with a goofy little boy. When is he going to stick his tongue out… there it is!)

Seriously Lincoln is a giant goof ball in comparison to quiet, sweet Lily. Lincoln thought the train table was awesome! Lily was not so impressed. I believe Lily at this point started inching her way toward here mama, and away from the boy (who saw no reason to walk around the table. Why, he is bug enough he can simple reach across it).

So Lily gave up on playing with Lincoln and snuggled with her Mama.

I don’t think Lincoln cared, he was too busy pushing things around saying “vroom”.

Lily is so opposite of Lincoln in many ways. But they are both very good snugglers.Although her expressions crack me up, she is so serious. Then again, you should have seen what Lincoln was up. Im sure Lily is thinking “what is that boy doing now?? Seriously what is he wearing? Has he no shame?”

Roar! The kids all discovered the dress up costumes, and had a lot of fun playing dress up. Lincoln started out as a lion. He thought that was hilarious! He would pull the mask on and off and laugh.

Miss Olivia pretended to be a fabulous pink poodle.

And Fiona ran around saying she was Mike the Knight and she was going to make it right! I need to monitor what the kid watches more… but at least she is a chivalrous knight.

Look how much fun Lincoln had? I really need to up the ante in the kids dress up trunk. Fiona mostly has dress up stuff to be a ballerina, a mermaid, a rock star, a doctor, and various princesses. I need far more exciting hats and masks to add in there.

My kids loved Play, and so did Olivia. The other kids didn’t have as much fun. I think it depends on the personality of the kid. I am glad it was relatively quiet and that the kids could run around and have fun.


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