California – The beach and park in Monterey

September 28, 2012

After the aquarium we stopped at the beach for a few minutes. This was Lincoln’s first time to the beach and his first time seeing the pacific ocean. I’m willing to bet that all my scuba diving friends out there can guess which beach we stopped at 🙂

Not sure what Lincoln thought of it. He mostly sat in the sand scooping up big handfuls of it.

Fiona is a born surfer, this is the position she got in every time we got to the beach; on her belly looking like she is ready to start paddling a board. Don’t worry Fiona, mama will take you surfing. And it will be in water far warmer then Monterey!

Lincoln kept himself busy playing with the sand. As you can see he tried to cover himself in it.

Fiona decided that just being at the beach near the water wasn’t good enough. She wanted to stick her toes in. I’ve heard that line before, and normally it ends with Fiona being soaked (guess what? That day was no exception! Although she did manage to only soak her pants). The beach we were at is relatively sheltered and the waves were really small so I okay the toe dipping.

She learned really fast that the water is darn cold! I love the pacific ocean; the sight, the sound, the smell. Not so much the temperature. The water is freezing (not literally, but it feels that way!). I won’t dive in that water in anything less then a drysuit. And I surf in a 3/5 mm suit, and even then I can’t stay in long.

Okay dive buddies, if you weren’t able to guess from the other pictures what beach we were at, this photo should be a dead give away. If you don’t recognize it, i may have to take your dive cards away. Lincoln finally discovered that the sand was fun, and he started really playing in it.

Fiona helped Lincoln bury his legs in the sand. Those two are going to be trouble as they get older!

The bad thing about taking your kids solo to the beach is that there is no one to take photos of the things that Im doing. I wanted Lincoln to be able to stick his toes in the water. And even though it was a calm beach with little waves, I wasn’t about to plop him at the edge and wait for a wave to come; he would get soaked. So I held his hands and we walked to the edge of the water line and the waves washed up over his toes. Since I was holding him, I couldn’t get a fabulous shot, but there your are Lincoln proof that you touched the Pacific.

It also means I rarely appear in photos, its especially tricky to take my own photo. Sometimes I do the whole arm extended thing, but its hard to with kids that don’t always hold still. So sometimes I have to get creative. See kids, there is mama at the beach. Yes, that is totally my shadow.

We mostly stopped at the beach for two reasons 1) its the beach, thats a good enough reason. 2) we were killing time waiting for Jen to pick up her daughter from daycare so that we could meet them at the playground (Denise the Menace playground here we come!).

For some reason the slide made of rollers was the best slide in the playground. There was a line for it! Fiona was so excited to be able to play on the playground. Lincoln however fell asleep in the car. He was so tired from the aquarium and the beach that he even stayed asleep when I put him in the carrier. Unfortunately toting around a sleeping baby means I couldnt take as many photos. But I did get to hang out with Jen some more and see her adorable daughter.

Fiona had lots of fun, and in case you are wondering yes she is wearing wet pants. I was a bad mommy and forgot a change of clothes for her. Luckily her pants mostly dried from her dip in the ocean while she ran around and played at the playground.

Visiting with all my friends in California makes me miss them so much more, and it makes me sad that I’m not around to see their kids grow. Luckily we live in an age where sharing videos is easy and video chatting is normal. We video chat with people so much that when I hand the phone to Fiona for a normal conversation she complains that she can’t see them. But I’m grateful that I can make it back a couple times a year.


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