California Playdate

September 21, 2012

After we landed in California we pretty much headed straight to a park to meet one of my best friends for a playdate. My schedule was pretty full while we were there and I wanted to make sure I got some Liz time in, so it was the first thing we did. We met at a park in South San Jose so that the kids could all play and so that Lincoln and Fiona could stretch their legs after being cooped up on a plane for several hours.

Lincoln thought seriously about trying to reach for the next step.

But decided walking was too much work, and drummed instead.

Fiona and my friends son; Jake, were being little monkeys and climbing all over the place.

Such a handsome little guy.

There were many parts of this trip that made my heart happy (a saying that Fiona now repeats), this was the first. Seeing my friend that I have known for 20 years (sheesh, has it really been that long Liz?!?), watching her with my kids, seeing the love in her eyes.

Ive missed her. She is a great cheerleader, a fabulous mom, and a brilliant entrepreneur (I can’t wait for her latest venture to open).

In case you were wondering what Lincoln was up to while the big kids climbed, he was busy flirting with Liz. And showing off his tongue (this is the first of many photos of Lincoln’s tongue from thus trip).

Jake with his mama (I think he looks just like her).

It was so good to sit and talk. Catch up on life. Our lives are so busy that it was nice to chat, I dont do that enough. I haven’t found a good balance between work, me and my family. Some days I work too much, so then I try to make up for it and be a good mom. Sometimes I get lost in all of that. It was good to hang out with someone who knew me before I was a mom, heck before I was even a grown up. My heart was very happy.


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