Lincoln turns 1: the party

September 19, 2012

I’ve already posted the design photos, and what Lincoln has been up to so all thats left of his birthday are the party photos of my little superhero having a great time.

All the kids got to make their own superhero masks. I had different colored masks and lots of shapes to decorate them with; hearts, stars, circles, etc. Lincoln’s had a yellow star on it, and he amazingly left it on his head until I took it off for cake.

Fiona went with a blue mask and hearts. And no, I have no idea why she is squinting, because she could see just fine out of it. I guess she thinks superheros squint.

Other superheros came to play, and everyone loved the water table.

Superheros flew around

And saved metropolis from the evil water monsters.

Then they celebrated by eating cake! I dont do sugar filled cakes and frostings for 1st birthdays. I think the day is exciting enough as it is, why add all the sugar. So Lincoln gor a pumpkin cupcake frosted with cream cheese, marscapone cheese and a little cinnamon.

Judging his enthusiasm for the cupcake, I think he liked it.

Also made chocolate cupcakes for those that wanted regular sugar topped goodies (vegan chocolate with vegan buttercream, my favorite!)

Lincoln saw all of his guests off.

Then celebrated his big boy status with a spin around the front room on his sister’s bike (when did he get big enough to fit on it! His feet almost reach the petals too!)


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