Lincoln – 1 Year

September 18, 2012

Lincoln your 1! I cant believe an entire year has gone by since you came into our lives. A year ago it was love at first sight, and everyday since then you have shown me just how much more love can squeeze into my heart.

This month has been a busy month for both the family and you. You traveled (5th and 6th airplane trip!), you met family, and you reached some pretty exciting milestones!

The most exciting milestone this month was that you started talking! Actual words that we can understand. You still point, alot. But now you can also call for your mama and your dada and even the dog. You love playing with balls, so it was no surprise that “ball” was your first word. Followed quickly by “nana!”, meaning banana. I guess a boy has to eat!.

You got your first hair cut and did fabulously. You were your usual sweet, and easy going self. And you look so handsome now that the hair is out of your face.

We played with paint this month.

And you loved it! You got to be a big kid just like your sister. You love doing things with your sister.

Last week you finally started pulling yourself up to stand. You think its hilarious when you pull yourself up, even more so if Fiona comes and stands next to you. You look at her and giggle like a mad man. You even took a step along furniture the other day, maybe soon you will start walking and I can stop lugging you around. Not that I dont love you, but you are heavy!

You went to swim class as usual this month, and love showing off to your teacher. You still wont crawl out of the pool on your own, but your working on it. And you love to kick, kick, kick.

You did miss a week of swim class when we headed to California. You are a pro traveler and rarely fuss on the plane. You happily flirt with all the stewardesses and they all jump to hold you when ever your sister or I have to go to the bathroom. 3 of us do not fit in those tiny airline bathrooms!

We were only in California for a week, but we squeezed a ton into our trip. You got to try (and loved) falafel balls and a banana milkshake from the falafel drive-in. We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium (fish! water!), you had so much fun. I think your favorite place was a room that Jen referred to as the car wash. It was a room that had glass walls and waves crashed over head. You stood staring up at the water. Your sister would duck at each wave, but you just pointed and grunted.

You also got to go to the beach for the first time. Your mama loves the ocean, and it made me happy to watch you and your sister play on the beach. You were intrigued by the sand. Yes, you tried to eat it a couple times, but mostly you would scoop handfuls up and let it run through your fingers.

You got to play with lots of other kids and babies. Mama hasn’t been so good about finding playgroups for you. You normally just get toted along to your sisters activities. I promise to try to do better. But while we were in California we visited with lots of other people that had babies similar ages.

Like these two. Mama shared your baby shower with their mamas, now a little over a year later here you all are.

You also discovered your tongue this month. Oh you knew it was there before. But now you like to show everyone your tongue. And somehow you manage to stick your tongue out and smile at the same time, it is seriously adorable.

We also fit in a trip to Half Moon Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, a visit with your cousins, countless playdates, and a trip up to the Summit to Penelope’s point. It was an action packed, exhausting trip.

You had your 1 year check up this morning, your are doing great and your dr is happy with the milestones you are hitting. Its no surprise that you are still a big guy, here are your stats:

Height: 31.5 inches tall, which is in the 95-98%

Weight: 24 lbs 4 oz, 90% Seriously kid, start walking, my shoulders are killing me!

Head size: 45.7cm, or 25% Sorry about that kid, you have your mama’s head. But at least its bigger then your sisters.

Happy 1 year kiddo! This next year is going to be exciting, so many new things for you to do and try.


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