Lincoln turns 1: The design of a superhero party

September 17, 2012

I started thinking about Lincoln’s first birthday months ago. Trying to decide on a theme; monsters, dinosaurs, cars; there are so many options. For Fiona’s first birthday we threw a rock concert, and called her our rockstar. Which she was, she arrived 8 weeks early, spent 22 days in the NICU and by the time her first birthday rolled around she was healthy, strong and you could no longer tell she had ever been a preemie. On the other hand Lincoln arrived 4 weeks early and was super strong and healthy right from the beginning. He got checked out by a NICU doctor and was declared healthy enough to go home with out a visit to the NICU at all (even though the Amnio I had several days prior had said that his lungs still needed 3 weeks to develop!). So for his birthday we decided on a super hero theme. He is my strong, healthy, giant superhero.

For his invitation Mark and I collaborated. Originally I asked his to draw a Super Lincoln for me, I spent weeks drawing the ladybug, but I was pretty sure a super hero was beyond my ability. Mark suggested a photo shoot instead. He sent me photos of examples for the type of cape he was thinking, and I got to work making a pint sized super hero costume.

We headed to downtown Austin to take some photos, we had a particular location in mind, and then we drove past the skyline, and changed our minds. We wanted the super hero in front of the city skyline, kind of like you would see Superman in front of Metropolis (The photos came out awesome:

For the design of the invites, I wanted to stick to the Superman colors; Red, blue and Yellow. Since they are primary colors they would work great for a 1 year old’s birthday. Which is also why his outfit is red and blue. The invites were also a collaboration. I will admit that I know nothing about comics (in fact I had to ask people where to find comic books so that I could use them for decorations). I came up with the layout and most of the design, and Mark super heroed it up for me. I am officially the mom of a little boy with captain america and comic book fonts on my computer. Its the first time we have collaborated so closely on a design (literally standing over each others shoulders), and if this is the result, we should do it more often!

Once I had the theme and colors established I searched the internet for inspiration for superhero themes. Thank you pinterest for being a wealth of ideas. I’ve spent the last 3 years designing girlie stuff, and now I had to change tracks and design for a boy. I had a lot of fun playing with bright colors.

I bought a few used comics to cut up and use as decor. I modge podged the comics onto a couple wooden L’s. One went on the food table, and the other I put in a yellow wreath and hung it on the door from a red ribbon. This Superman L greeted guests at the door, and let them know that a superhero lives here.

Since we had used the skyline on the invites, I wanted to incorporate that in the design of the food table.

I loved the overall look of the table. It was a counter to ceiling look that had buildings, balloons and tissue poufs (that said things like ka-pow, and bam).

Other decorative elements included the Large modge podged L, a banner that spelled out his name (thank you Hannah from SweetPartDesign for helping with the banner! My friend Hannah cut out the blue rounded squares and all the letters, which made assembling the banner easy. I was really picky and couldn’t fins paper I wanted for the background behind the letters, so I designed some. And managed to find 1 superhero scrapbooking paper).

For the cupcakes I wanted to keep them simple, and made fondant superhero badges.

A few had L’s on them for Super Lincolns!

For the kids snack table we had Power Puffs (Trader Joe cheesy puffs), and Action Packed Apple Sticks (Trader Joe apple and cinnamon sticks). Two of Lincolns favorite snacks.

I made superhero lollipops that were both decoration and favors.

Here is a close up of one of the tissue poufs. I loved how they looked for Fiona’s party, but for Lincoln’s I wanted to boy them up. Pointy ends made them the perfect sign holders.

My awesome neighbors/partners in party decorating crime helped me put most of the decorations together the night before. The party was bright, colorful and perfect for my  little superhero.

Later this week I will post party photos, but I will warn you now; there are a lot!!


3 Responses to “Lincoln turns 1: The design of a superhero party”

  1. erica said

    I love it, Kristina! You are such a creative and inspiring mom. 🙂

  2. Lincoln is one cute superhero baby 😉

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