California vacation, wedding, and birthday party

September 13, 2012

I’ve been insanely busy the last few weeks. A very good friend of mine got married and I flew out to California to photograph (not only did I photograph it, but I also did most of the design for it; save the dates, invites, programs, mad libs, etc.) it with my husband. I decided to extend my visit for more then just the weekend and turned it in to a mini (working) vacation. We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Half Moon Bay and San Francisco, doing lots of fun touristy stuff. As a result I have 800 + photos to sift through for the 6 days that I was there. So expect many photos in the coming weeks with wedding and vacation details. And I returned home a few days before Lincoln’s first birthday! Its a mad dash around here to finish up decorations and party prep. Next week I promise party details and photos of the invites (they maybe one of the cutest ones I’ve done yet!).

Lots of excitement and lots of photos to come… starting next week once I’ve had a chance to process and sift through them. I know most people come to see the photos, so here is one of my favorite photos of Fiona from our trip.

She seems so grown up in this photo. She kept stealing my sunglasses saying that “the sun is too bright”. She almost never smiles for me, so I will happily take the hint of a smile.


2 Responses to “California vacation, wedding, and birthday party”

  1. Nichol said

    What a fantastic pic! 🙂

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