Lincoln first haircut

August 30, 2012

This week was full of firsts; first day of pre K (Fiona), first haircut (Lincoln), first dentist appointment (Fiona).  This post will be about Lincoln’s first haircut, and I will post later about how much Fiona is growing up.

Lincoln’s hair was getting really long (oh the things I could have done to Fiona’s hair if it had been that long at a year old!), and I threatened to use barrettes unless we got it cut so that it would be out of his eyes. Mark probably realized I was serious and agreed to a haircut, as long as we still kept it kinda long. he had grown to love Lincoln’s shaggy look. This was something we both agreed on, so Mark made an appointment at the barbershop for both of them.

We got to Bird’s right at our appointment time, but ended up waiting 20 minutes because none of the stylists wanted to do the kids cut. I have no idea why, Lincoln was fabulously behaved (even though it was getting close to lunch time).

Finally someone was brave enough and it was Lincoln’s turn. We didn’t think Lincoln would hold still long enough in the booster seat, so he got to sit on his daddy’s lap.

Lincoln was very concerned at first what she was doing to all his hair that he had worked so hard to grow. And spent the first few minutes staring at her in concern. But that quickly turned to curiosity, and we had to try to get him to stop watching the stylist long enough for her to cut his hair.

He did such a good job. No crying, no fussing. Some squirming, but nothing too bad. he just wanted to see what was going on. But he was easily distracted with his truck or the fuzzy thing that the woman next to us had on her keychain.

For the most part he was his usual happy self. I love his laid back personality!! His go with the flow attitude.

At the end we put him on the booster to see how he would do, and I’m glad Mark held him. He was far too interested in the booster seat and playing with his little cape. But he did a fantastic job, and I’m pretty sure he charmed his stylist with all of his flirting (boy I’m going to be in trouble when he is older!)

And then it was all over. In fifteen minutes he went from baby to my little boy. He seems so much more grown up (even cut a new tooth to celebrate his new big boy status). Just as I missed that wild, straight up standing hair, I will miss his shaggy baby look. But he is so darn handsome, that I will be okay.


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