Lorax Movie Night

August 20, 2012

Fiona LOVED going to see the Lorax when it was in the theaters, so when I found out it was being released on DVD I pre-ordered it weeks in advance. We invited a couple of her preschool friends over for a Lorax movie night, and not being one to pass up being able to decorate I put together a few quick Lorax themed snacks and decorations.

I think the most time consuming project was the bottles, not designing the labels or attaching them. No the hardest part was finding them! I decided the day before that I wanted cute bottles for the lemonade. It involved lots of internet searching, and finally a plea on facebook if anyone had seen these types of bottles locally. Luckily a friend noticed that they were similar to a bottle that HEB uses for their freshly squeezed orange juice. So I went and bought some orange juice. I already ordered more online so that in the future I won’t have to search for them at the last minute…although I’m sure I will find something else to search for.

Fiona helped paint the trunks of the large truffula trees, and we reused the tissue poufs from her birthday party. And the girls loved them! At one point all of them were removed from the vase as they ran around pretending that they were ice cream cones and wands.

Fiona did a great job painting them! She also helped glue all the little food signs together. Fiona was so excited to help with the decorations.

For the bottles I used the movie poster (which can be downloaded here: http://loraxtoolkit.tumblr.com/tagged/Art) and cropped it to the size I wanted and added the “Pink Lemonade”. I also found the adorable straws at a local craft store. I cut out some mustaches to make them extra loraxy.  This was another project that was a huge hit with the girls, and they all took their drinks home with them.

I loved how the mustaches came out.

I served Lorax themed snacks; humming fish (aka whole wheat gold fish), truffula fruit (strawberries and raspberries), and marshmallows (which is what the bar-ba-loot bears eat in the movie), and truffula trees. It would have been so easy to do a huge Lorax themed candy bar, but with only 3 little girls, 2 baby boys, and 3 moms I didn’t want too much sugar. I figured the marshmallows and truffula trees would be enough.

I love, love, love the truffula trees. They were really easy to make,  just pretzels with cotton candy tops. I had to use store bought cotton candy (which my husband was sweet enough to go out and look for in the middle of the night. Which isn’t as bad as it sounds! He went to a few places after playing a gig, but it was still very late. And he totally rocks for getting it and not questioning my sanity!), and for future reference I need to wait until just before they are served to make them. The cotton candy crystalized really fast and got hard. I don’t know if the fresh stuff would last longer or not. But regardless they were super cute and the girls loved them.

The first of the snacks to disappear were the marshmallows (of course!). They were long gone before the bears started eating them in the movie. As soon as marshmallows started flying across the screen the girls wanted more. But one bowl full was more then enough!

As you can see, Fiona got a head start on the marshmallows.

The girls engrossed in the movie, eating the truffula fruit and humming fish. In case you were wondering, why yes that is a toy syringe in Fiona’s hand. You never know when Doctor Fiona will need to administer a shot.

And just in case you were wondering what the boys were up to while the girls watched the movie and ran around shrieking like only little girls can do; they were beating each other up with blocks. Lincoln kept pulling all of the blocks out, and the other little boy kept putting them back in. It looks like the other boy was getting tired of Lincoln making a mess 🙂

Everyone had a lot of fun at the Lorax movie night. We may need to do movie nights more often… hmmm I will have to start coming up with other movie snack ideas…


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