Lincoln – 11 months

August 15, 2012

Your 11 months old! In a month you will be year old, boy did that year go by fast! This last month you have changed so much. First, you are on the move! You finally figured out the whole crawling thing (you just needed the proper motivation of crawling over to steal mommy’s frozen yogurt). Once you started, you haven’t stopped. From the moment you wake up until you pass out for nap time of bedtime you are on the move.

This is my usual view of you; on your way somewhere. You started off nice and slow, but now you can make it across the room fast! Especially once you have spotted one of your favorite toys. Which currently is drums, balls and balloons. It is so cute to watch you bang away on your daddy’s drums. We should probably give a gift of ear plugs to our neighbors soon, but luckily you only play during the day when they are (hopefully) not home. You learned how to play ball this month, and it has quickly become your favorite game. Normally we roll the ball to you, you wave your hands around in excitement, then you hand the ball back to us to do it again. Sometimes you roll it, but you like to hand it back all gentlemanly. You try to get anyone and everyone to play ball with you; us, your grandparents, the neighbors, the unsuspecting moms waiting during Fiona’s dance class.

You have been standing to play a lot more, although you can’t pull your self up yet. You are trying though! My guess is within the next week or two you will be pulling yourself up. You can stand on your own for a few seconds already, and love to walk holding on to our hands. So I figure pulling yourself up and cruising on furniture is close behind. But before you learn to walk, do you think you can remember how to roll over? You have done it a handful of times. I’ve seen you do it, so I know you can. You just wont. If you fall over you stomp your feet and flail your arms like a turtle stuck on its shell. Just roll over! Your teaching yourself to sit up from laying on your back instead of rolling over (you have done it 3 times already!). It really would be easier to roll over, but go ahead and work on those abs if you insist.

You and your sister are playing together so much more now. And it is so cute to watch the two of you interact. You have one pretty awesome big sister. You play the drums together, play ball together, and cook in the play kitchen together. Don’t worry its not always idealistic, I hear plenty of  “mommy, Lincoln is touching my things. make him stop!” or “Lincoln, I’m not a toy!” or “mommy, Lincoln is playing with my scooter, and I wanted to play with it first!”. Fiona doesn’t always like it when you mess with her stuff, and you really like to mess with her stuff. But I also hear “mommy, Lincoln is crawling toward the fan again” (you are obsessed with the fan in your daddy’s office) and “no no no! Don’t touch that, its dirty!”. So she looks out for you too.

I’m pretty sure the sibling bickering is going to drive me nuts, but before it does I am going to enjoy walking in on scenes like this one. Where you are sitting in your sisters lap and she is reading a book to you.

You are so cute when you are sleeping peacefully. Which isn’t as often as I would like. Most days you only take one nap. You will doze in the car or if someone is holding you but otherwise you are happy to skip your morning nap. And most nights you end up in bed with us, I don’t even know when that happens. Sometimes I will wake up and you will be next to me. Im pretty sure you aren’t crawling in by yourself, so I assume you wait until the middle of the night when your daddy’s is too tired too focus and you con him into bringing you to bed.

It has been hot this month! In an attempt to stay cool we ate snowballs (similar to a shaved ice, but its like they put fresh snow in a cup), you got ice flavored. Yeah I know… Im that mom. But you still loved it! You happily spooned that powdery snow into your mouth. And when the spoon wasn’t fast enough, you shoveled fist fulls in. Did I mention that you used the spoon? You are improving with the eating utensil, and food makes it from the bowl to your mouth more now via the spoon. Although you still use your hands for most food. Speaking of foods… you have discovered that you have an opinion. Don’t worry you still eat almost everything placed in front of you in mass quantities, but when your done you hold the food over the side of the high chair and let it go. The dogs love you.

Which is probably why tibi puts up with you doing this to her. She knows that is she lets you pull on her or stick your fingers in her mouth, or play with her tail; that she will get fed later once you get in that magical high chair. And you do love to play with the dog. There has been many times when I have been at my desk and watch you take off down the hallway in pursuit of the dog giggling like crazy.

Its crazy how much you have changed, learned, and grown this month. You are still that happy baby though. You do have your moments of frustration and anger, especially when you want something but can’t figure out how to tell us what it is. But for the most part you are pretty happy and I often see that adorable grin of yours. I love this time in your life, your an explorer and an adventurer. I look forward to seeing what you learn in the next month; before you turn 1!


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