Fiona does a somersault…or ten

August 8, 2012

Fiona loves her tumbling class, talks about it for days afterwards. Luckily the first few classes were pretty small; only 3 or 4 kids each class so she got lots of 1 on 1 time with the teacher. She was so excited to do somersaults that she happily listened to the teacher, which is a rarity!

By her 3rd class she could do them all by herself. Okay, who am I kidding she was doing them “all by herself!” the first class, but the teacher still needed to hover. Now she rocks those somersaults without thinking about it.

Wheeee! Look at that joy on her face!

Up and down the mat she goes.

At the end of class they would practice handstands, she gets so excited that she has a hard time keeping her legs together or holding still.

But she LOVES it. Each week she gets better about listening to the teachers, which will just take time. But as long as she has fun we will keep going. She started her second month today, and did sooo much better. Her teachers all commented on how much better she did today with participating and listening. It probably helped that she had a nap, and that we arrived 10 minutes early. Arriving early is a big thing for Fiona, she takes 10-15 minutes of watching before she is ready to participate, so if we get there early then she is ready to go when class starts. Its hard for me, because I don’t get the needing to warm up part, I pack my schedule so tight that I almost never have room to breathe or sit and watch. But Fiona is not me, and I know that I need to accommodate they way she works and learns as well.


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