Lincoln learns to swim

August 6, 2012

Last month was full of classes; tumbling, dance and swimming. Mostly the classes are for Fiona, but Lincoln is old enough to do the parent/child combo swim class so we signed him up! Do we expect him to swim? No, but we wanted to make sure he was comfortable in the water. We spend alot of time at the pool!

Mark and I have been taking turns on who swims with Lincoln and who sits on the side of the pool with Fiona making sure she pays attention to her teacher. Luckily we found classes at the same time, so we are only at the pool for 45 minutes. The day that I played cheerleader I brought my camera along to capture the kids in the pool.

Lincoln LOVES swim class. He has no problem sticking his face in the water, and does his best to kick, kick, kick! Although he does this weird bunny kick, at least its a kick.

He is pretty good at gripping the side of the pool, and gets excited because he knows that his favorite part of class is coming up.

Hands down his favorite thing to do is jump in the pool. I normally sit him on the side of the pool, and count to 3. 1…2 (he starts to giggle)…3 (he throws himself forward into my arms with lots of laughing).

See? He loves that part of class! We do it over and over, and he never gets tired of it. The moment he is in the pool, he is kicking and splashing to do it again.

He is a water baby just like his sister! He is already signed up for his second month of classes, so he has at least another month of fun saturdays ahead.


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