Ladybug Tea Party – The Decor and Party

August 2, 2012

I tend to go over board on birthday parties, I know that. Most people don’t throw a concert for their kids first birthday. And For Fiona’s 3rd birthday we invited almost 40 people over to tea, 15 of them being kids. I love parties, birthday parties especially. Maybe its having a child that I never got to throw a birthday party for that makes birthday parties that much more special. Its another year to celebrate that they are alive, and celebrate I will!

So when we decided on a ladybug tea party theme I embraced it whole heartedly. We rented child size table and chairs and transformed our front room into a tea room. A big thanks to my husband and our friend Sam for taking photos of everything. I was running around all day getting ready that I didn’t have time to take many photos!

After Fiona went to bed we set about decorating the room. We made a bunch of tissue paper balls (and by “we” I mean my fabulous neighbor and mother-in-law) and hung them all over the room. Fiona loved the tissue balls so much that she asked me to hang them in her room after the party.

Balloons were added to the mix to make a very fun and colorful room. We placed ladybug plates and tea cups at each seat. Fiona came down the stairs the next morning and oohhed and ahhed over everything. Her reaction was better then christmas!

While wandering around Hobby Lobby I came across tiny butterflies and ladybugs in the floral department. I thought they might be cute to put around the room.

Fiona thought they were awesome, and ran around the room trying to spot them all. A couple were on the tissue balls, some were on the table, a couple on the flower vases and one was on the roof of her playhouse. She wanted to hold one and walked around with it on her finger (this is the only photo in this entire post that is mine!)

The kids got their own snacks and tea sandwiches (triangle peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and butterfly turkey and cheese sandwiches).

I had made several trips to good will to find all the teacups. I went with mismatching cups 1) because I thought it would be more fun and a little mad hatterish 2) for practical reasons as well; there was no way I was finding 12 of the same tea cups! Fiona added a couple of the ladybug clothespin magnets from the favors to her place setting, I guess she thought it needed more ladybugs!

Amazingly all but 2 kids actually drank the tea, and even more amazingly nothing was spilled or broken! The kids all loved that I went around serving them tea and fruit. For the most part 12 kids ranging from 18 months to 7 sat down to a tea party and had fun. All the parents hovered near by…just in case. I look forward to throwing tea parties when Fiona is older that involves my serving tea, sandwiches and cakes and then leaving!

Fiona was very concerned about her cupcakes all day. “Mama? You made my cupcakes right?” “Yes, dear I did, and they are pink” “Are you sure?? I don’t see them.” Don’t worry they were safely next door at our neighbors house and Fiona loved them when they were brought over.

I had a lot of fun getting ready for this party, and Fiona helped alot. She picked out balloon colors, colors for the tissue paper balls, the cupcake wrappers, and we went tea tasting so she could pick out the tea. In case you are wondering Watermelon Chill tea from the Tea Embassy ( was a HUGE hit with the kids. And the people there were fantastic and very patient with an almost 3 year old. The Barton Springs blend was also tasty and is what I used to create the favors.

I hope that Fiona had a great time at her birthday! Now to prepare for the boy’s first birthday!


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