Fiona’s Ladybug Teaparty – The Design

July 31, 2012

Finally I am getting around to doing Fiona’s party posts! Fiona is obsessed with a book called Ladybug girl, I’ve mentioned it many times before (remember the halloween costume?). So for her birthday we gave her a few choices and she chose a ladybug tea party We did ladybug versus ladybug girl, but Fiona didn’t care. She wore her ladybug girl dress (red with white polka dots) and was thrilled.

For her invites I illustrated a couple of ladybugs having tea. Let me just say, Im not an illustrator, so this invitation took forever for me to make. My friends heard lots of whinnying as I worked on it. Im pretty sure I asked them at least once a day why I do these tings to myself. But I love the way they came out! So it was worth all the banging of my head on my desk. The back had a lady bug print (just like the back of all the ladybug girl books), and front had a flap that opened with all the party details. And there are 3 yellow flowers, because Fiona was turning 3!

I’m so happy with how they came out, and a big thanks to Jill at Almaden Press for the fabulous printing job!

I used the invitations to base the rest of the design for the party around. Including decor. Originally I was going to go with all red decorations, but since there were so many colors in the invitation I went with a more varied color palette for the decorations. But the decorations are another post… on to the favors! For the favors I made little teas party kits. So that each kids could go home and throw a mini tea party themselves. Each kid got to keep their teacup from the party as well.

The tea party in a bag kits contained:home made tea cookies, a custom made tea bag with a tea blend from the party (caffeine free of course), a honey stick, a ladybug and bumble bee temporary tattoo, and a ladybug clothespin magnet (for decorations for their party). It was all packaged in a parchment bag, which has the bonus of being good for the planet as well as cute.

Here are the labels for the tea cookies and tea bags:

I made organic, healthy animal crackers in the shapes of ladybugs and butterflies. Yes, I am one of those mothers, and I am ok with it 🙂

Normally I would do cupcake toppers for the cupcakes but Fiona picked out really cute flower cupcake holders so I thought I would make the frosting look like a ladybug on the flowers. That is until Fiona also insisted on pink cupcakes (pink, pink, pink! So that if she ate enough she would turn pink. Yep, Fiona has been reading Pinkalicious). So pink ladybugs it was. I’m hoping that at least a few people got what they were suppose to be, but if not then at least they were tasty cupcakes with chocolate chips and eyes.

The cupcakes and frosting were vegan just in case any of the kids had milk allergies (I had a few without the chocolate chips as well), and because this is my favorite recipe to make.

Next post will be all the decorations from the tea party!


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