Dance Class

July 27, 2012

Fiona’s first class was a couple of weeks ago. I had no idea how she would do. She takes for ever to warm up to new things. Luckily we got there a few minutes early and there was only one other little  girl there already. So Fiona made a fast friend and ran up to the little girl to compare skirts. She had a telescope with her (she often carries random toys with her. When ever we get ready to leave the house something has to come with us), and she wanted to show it off.

They took turns looking at each other through the telescope.

The other little girl had taken the class before. While waiting for the other students the teacher put on some music and let the girls run around.

I love how she is in mid step, and loving it.

They started class with a game of Freeze Dance. Which is pretty much how it sounds. The music plays and when it stops they freeze. Fiona always puts her hands by her face in sort of a “jazz hands” pose whenever she freezes.

After Freeze Dance, they got in a circle and started learning first position and how to do sunshine arms. So cute watching them all doing sunshine arms together in a circle.

“Watch me mommy!” Fiona was so proud of herself. It was after this that she got bored with class and wanted to spend her time twirling.

There are wooden stairs that lead up to class and she had fun playing on them. And yes she wore her pink sparkly fedora to class.

She loved running up and down the stairs.

And showing off her dance moves at the top.

Fiona had a lot of fun at her first dance class. We are all signed up for another month. Hopefully she will continue to do better when it comes to listening to her teacher, which is currently the hardest part about class.


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