Summer Fun – Boating on the lake

July 25, 2012

A few weeks ago friends of our invited us out on their boat for a day of playing on Lake Travis, and to celebrate the kids birthdays. Their son, Nicholas, and Fiona’s birthdays are only 2 weeks apart, they were going to be out of town for both birthdays so we celebrated a little early. When they invited us, I knew Fiona would love it; swimming, a boat, Nicholas and cake? Whats not to love?

So on a hot Sunday we met them at the dock around 10am to head out. The kids ran around the boat and donned life vests (at least until they went below deck for snacks). As you can see Fiona was excited about being on the boat.

Nicholas and Fiona (along with Baby and Pink) played co-captain for awhile.

Nicholas’s mom enjoying the boat ride.

The real fun began once we dropped anchor and got in the water. Being from California I am used to cold water; the pacific is freezing and almost all of the lakes are filled from snow run off (so even in summer the lakes never really heat up). The water here in Texas is not cold. It is fabulous do a dive off the boat into the water; refreshing! For once I didn’t inch my way in. All of the kids loved it. This was Lincoln’s first time in the lake, and we bought a new float for him. So glad I got it, he loves it!  He lays forward splashes his hands and kicks his feet. I’m hoping we have another swimmer on our hands.

Just like his big sister. She likes to swim “by herself!” She has a speedo float that we strap onto her and she is off. The kids were in and out of the lake

Lincoln enjoying some more float time.

Nicholas had a blast swimming as well. He isn’t as independent as Fiona, he actually likes to hang with his parents instead of ditching them the second he hits the water.

Toweling off before lunch. We hoped the kids would take a nap after lunch. Ha! No idea what we were thinking. The only kid who took a nap was Lincoln.

The other two were too busy eating cake and opening presents to take a nap.

Then of course there was more swimming to cool back off after eating lunch in the hot texas sun.

We had a lot of fun playing on the lake, and hope to do it again before summer is over.


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