Fiona 3 years

July 18, 2012

Fiona your three now, I will always be amazed at how quickly time passes. I remember the day you were born, there were parts of that day were terrifying and parts that were wonderful. Oddly enough, most of my days since that day have been a combination of terrifying and wonderment. You are such a  big girl and can do so many things by yourself now (you insist on doing everything all by yourself, from buckling your own carseat to getting in the bath) , but sometimes those things terrify me. You climbing up to the tallest part of the playground, insisting on walking along the edge of things, doing somersaults; I always fear you are going to fall and break something. After all you are my daughter, its only a matter of time before you fall and break something or require stitches. Maybe you will take after your daddy and be more coordinated.

You have your own sense of style. Some days we try and reign it in, but most days we just go with it. I want you to be confident and comfortable with yourself. Even if that means wearing polka dots and stripes paired with a sparkling pink fedora. Gone are the days of me picking out your clothes. If you dont want to wear something you make it very clear and you can undress and redress your self. Every night while I dry Lincoln off from his bath you go get a diaper (sooo close to not needing a night time diaper anymore! Im hoping this pack that I bought will be the last) and pj’s. You bring them to Lincoln’s room and you put them on all by yourself. You are so proud of yourself, and mama is too!

You love to accessorize. You love purses; shoes; headbands; and hats. You love to play dress up and pretend, boy do you love to play dress up! A current favorite (and has been for awhile) is playing dr. You have set up an office downstairs to see your patients, in your little house. And yes you still wear your ladybug girl wings sometimes. Just like ladybug girl “you can do anything, your ladybug girl!” You love ladybug girl so much that we decided to base your birthday party loosely around the theme and threw you a ladybug teaparty, there were ladybugs everywhere! You were in heaven!

You are a fabulous big sister. You love to make your brother giggle. For the most part you are great with your brother, not always the best about sharing but that is a hard thing to do. You are good about playing with him though. Seeing the two of you together makes me happy and fills me with love. You bring him his toys and try to tell him what to do, he is only 10 months old so he pretty much ignores you. You should probably get used to that. But I love your antics together. You push him in the swings and he giggles like crazy. He prefers you to push him then mommy or daddy. You read him books, and he listens attentively to you as you tell him what the pictures are on each page.

You are full of laughter. Sometimes we have no idea what you are laughing at, you just crack your self up. Right now you love things that are silly. You will sings songs and change the words, then yell “That’s silly!”. One drive to the grocery store was a 15 minute drive (this somehow turned into one of your favorite games, and you do this ALL the time now) of me listening to you list all the silly things peanut butter could go on: “Peanut butter and baby? That’s silly!”, “Peanut butter and books? That’s silly!”, “Peanut butter and Lincoln? That silly!”. Your silly Fiona, and I love it! You also sing. all.the.time. We sing songs, you sing to your babies, you sing what we are doing “We are going to swim class, lalalala”. Sometimes all that singing drives me nuts, but its adorable so I try to encourage it as much as I can.

You are like the energizer bunny. You keep on going and going and going. I have no idea how you have so much energy when you sleep so little. Afternoon naps are a rarity. I still try, but most of the time you just play in your room. Even on days when we try our best to tire you out it doesn’t work, you pull energy out of reserve and just keep going. You exhaust me most days. All the running, drawing, painting, playing pretend, etc wears me out. But come bed time you are still up chatting to your dolls for hours sometimes. I wish that you would sleep better. On days that you get a full nights sleep you are a joy to be around.

Since you were turning 3 this month we were finally able to sign you up for a bunch of classes and are just you classes (no longer does mommy have to participate, although I seem to be still be doing flamingo walks across the room with you because your too shy to go on your own). This month you are taking swimming, dance and tumbling class. The first class you were really shy and didn’t want to do anything the teacher asked you to. But you have gotten better with each class that we have gone to.

The second swim class went far better then the first, and you participated way more. You love swimming and soon you will be able to do it all by yourself without any floats! That is a day mommy looks forward to because that means we can go play on waterslides!

You love to dance at home so we thought you would really like dance class; and we were right. You did like it. However tumbling you LOVED. And you can do somersaults all by yourself. The look of joy on your face after doing somersaults isn’t something I will forget anytime soon.

Dance class was pretty cute too (I will do a whole post on your first dance class, because mama took a ton of photos!). At least for the first half, then you wanted to spend the rest of the class twirling. You haven’t stopped twirling since class either. All day long “mama, watch this!” and you will twirl around on one foot.

We went for your 3 year checkup today. Remember how I mentioned earlier that you love to play doctor? Well going to the doctors today was probably the highlight of your week. You were not shy at all and you happily chatted with the doctor. She asked you all kinds of questions about how you were doing, and for once you weren’t shy and you chatted away. Im pretty sure your doctor might be one of your hero’s.

You even insisted on bringing along your doctor tools. Your doctor was great about it, did your exam with your tools as well as hers. You also got to give your doctor an exam.You were in heaven, Im pretty sure you are going to be talking about it for weeks! Since you had your doctor bag with you (yes you have many tools and a doctors bag) your doctor gave you tongue depressors and gloves for your doctors kit. You were so excited that as soon as we got home you wanted to rush upstairs and show your daddy. Your doctor said that when she was your age a stethoscope was her favorite toy as well, Im just going to keep putting money in your savings account every month…just in case.

Its official you are tall! You are 39 1/2 inches tall which is in the 95%. You are going to be just like your mommy! And you weigh in at 34 lbs (the 75%)

I can’t believe that you are three, you will always be my little girl but you like to remind me that your a “big girl!” So much has happened and changed in our lives in the last 3 years. Its amazing to watch you change and adapt (sometimes easily, sometimes not) as our family changes. I’ve heard 3 is worse then 2 with the tantrums, goodness I hope not! You can throw one heck of a tantrum. And one moment you are happy and outgoing and the next quiet, shy and hiding behind me. Your friends know that you are grumpy in the morning, seriously kid we need to work on that (that whole sleep thing really helps), and that when you first get to school you are shy. Speaking of school… we are starting to look at some pre-K classes for you. Yes I know your only 3, but you are crazy smart and I think will do great at it. We are going to up your days at school from 2 to 3 (yay more mommy free time! Wait… I still have Lincoln). I look forward to watching you grow this year.

Happy birthday Fiona!


2 Responses to “Fiona 3 years”

  1. amanda warren said

    This is amazing,the perfect little ladybug,may you to continue to grow and stay healthy,Dr fiona heaps mmmmmmmm think you should be putting a few extra dollars away christina,congratulations to you both on bringing up such a adorable little girl

  2. Joanne Lauck Hobbs said

    I so enjoyed this video of Fiona. These little ones are training us back into the exuberance and eagerness that we were born into. What a beautiiul account of a little angel, exploring the world and feeling joy and her inherent worthiness and readiness for the adventures of this world

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