Lincoln 10 Months

July 16, 2012

Once again another month has sped by and your 10 months old now! This month I was home all month and to make up for me being gone I took an absurd amount of photos this month. I was here  to watch you grow and learn all kinds of new things. You are still not crawling, at least not in the traditional sense but you get around. You inchworm your way across the room; lay down on your belly, scoot forward,  then you push yourself back up to seated position, and you are a little closer to your goal. You go backwards much quicker, same maneuver though. You are starting to try to pull yourself up on things. I have a feeling by the time you are 11 months old you will be fully mobile. I already have to keep a much closer eye on you then before, you get yourself into all kinds of trouble.

This month was full of exciting things and milestones; new tooth, learned to clap, learned to point, met family (uncle and nieces), went swimming for the first time, had your first swim lessons, played in the sprinklers (can you tell its summer with all the water related activities?), saw fireworks (although you did fall asleep about 5 minutes into the fireworks display, I have no idea how you slept through that noise!), ate your first PB&J, created art with fingerpaints, went on your first boat ride. Whew, it was a busy month!

Summer is in full swing, and luckily it has not been as hot as last summer (thank goodness!). Temps are still in the 90’s so we have been doing plenty of water activities to stay cool. You got to play in the sprinklers for the first time and you loved it! Im not sure what you thought was funnier; the water hitting you or your sister running around like crazy.

We headed to Lake Travis with some friends to spend the day on their boat. It was one of the few 100+ degree days so we spent alot of time playing in the lake. You got to go swimming for the first time. You weren’t so sure at first, then we out you in your ring and you were a happy little guy. You laid on your belly and kicked and splashed. We have been swimming several times since and you have loved it.

You play with toys way more now. You are such a boy, you love to hit things just to see what happens. And you sometimes just sit there drumming your hands; on balls, balloons, your belly, and sometimes nothing at all. But your whole body gets into it and you drum away. You pretty much get toted along where ever I go, which means when we go to Fiona’s room to get her dressed you come too. The pirate ship is one of the few things Fiona lets you play with in her room. You like to make the parrot talk, and capsize the ship.

You still think everything is funny. You are a fabulously laid back baby, and for the most part still go with the flow. You are starting to show preferences though. For instance your favorite breakfast is banana and oatmeal with cut up blueberries. You will inhale that breakfast morning after morning. You will eat whatever I place in front of you. But there are definitely foods you like eating more. You love pretty much all fruits and veggies, but your favorite fruits are watermelon and cantaloupe  and your favorite vegetable is peas. When ever I cut up your lunch I always cut up way more fruit then I think you will eat and I am always wrong, you normally eat it all and then bang on your tray for more.

We started you in swim class this month. Its never too early to get comfortable in water especially since your part Ewing (us Ewing’s love the water!). You think swim class is a blast. Look at that grin! Im glad you love the water so much because your sister loves to swim, so we are often at the pool.

Your not saying too many words yet but you have ways of letting us know what you want. Mama and dada are often said, and we are pretty sure you call your sippy cup “baba”. You bang on your highchair tray and demand your “baba”. You clap when your happy about something (or air drum, that means your pretty excited about something too). And you point at things. You point You point at your mama, you point at toys that you want, you point at food, your sister, etc.

Each month you grow and learn more its exciting to watch, I wonder what you will learn this month? Happy 10 months Lincoln!


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