Miss Emily – 2 weeks old

July 13, 2012

When I got back from California, I stopped by to how much Miss Emily had grown. The answer; a lot! She is already bigger and rounder, with the sweet baby cheeks.

Already more alert and observing her environment.

Look at those eye watching everything and taking it in.

Life is still pretty exhausting. And she spent the majority of the time napping. Which surprisingly is what my 9 month old spent his time doing during the visit.  A quick visit turned into 2 hours as babies napped.

Nobody likes to wake a sleeping baby, so they kept right on napping and the mama’s kept right on chatting.

And I, of course, kept harassing Emily by taking photos. Who can blame me? She is one adorably sweet baby. Eventually she threw her hands in front of her face and said “Enough!”



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