Visiting Family

July 11, 2012

This summer we were lucky enough that 2 of Mark’s nieces were able to visit and stay with his parents. That meant Fiona had a playmate when ever we visited. It also meant that we visited more often then usual so that we could see our nieces. The day that Sammie arrived we headed over for some late afternoon playtime. The weather has been gorgeous lately. Hot yes, but manageable. While the girls ran around doing what girls do Lincoln chilled on the grass watching them.

One of these days he is going to take off after them, but until then he was content to hang with his daddy.

They played ball which is a favorite activity of Lincolns.

A family friend was over with their little girl as well. Seriously, how cute are those baby blues?

The girls put on a dance show. The older girls had a rehearsed a whole show, but Fiona and Riley kept jumping on “stage” and dancing too. Fiona desperately wanted to be accepted by her older cousins. For the most part they were really good about including her.

Fiona loved being able to dance with them.

Lincoln hung out with his Nana and cheered them all on.

And got some Nana snuggles.

Lincoln also got to meet his Uncle Micheal for the first time.

Im sure Lincoln wonders why everyone has to snuggles him. Its because your just so darn snuggly. Look at those cheeks!

Another favorite activity of Lincoln’s; being tossed in the air. He loves it! I have hope this means he also inherited my love of roller coasters.


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