Summer Fun – Sprinklers

July 9, 2012

Its heating up here in Austin and temperatures are finally in the 100’s (I am NOT complaining that it took until the end of June to reach 100+!). Hot days mean finding ways to stay cool, last weekend that meant popsicles and sprinklers (Fiona likes to combine the two, and spends a good amount of time “washing” her popsicles).

We have been busy (and by “we” I mean mostly Mark) redoing our backyard. Mark built a fabulous deck that we have all been enjoying. We headed outside to lounge on the deck and for the kids to enjoy their tasty treats.

A popsicle for Fiona made from a mango smoothie. I love those popsicle molds I picked up that look like ice cream cones, so cute!

And Lincoln enjoyed a frozen wash cloth. What?  He is teething, he loved it.

This picture reminds me of this blog post:, wow has she grown! Its hard to believe that was only a year ago! But one thing hasn’t changed; she still loves the sprinklers.

Lincoln thought the sprinklers were pretty awesome as well. He still isn’t crawling, so I plopped him down on the grass and let the sprinklers hit him. We have one of the rotating sprinkler heads so every few minutes he would get hit with the spray and he would giggle and wave his hands around.

Mark is jealous of Lincoln’s swim outfit, and wanted to know where he could get one. Mark burns if he even thinks of going out in the sun, lucky for us the kids inherited my ability to tan. But they are always sunscreened up and wearing hats when I can get them to.

I moved Lincoln up to the deck so that he wouldn’t get muddy, but close enough that he could still enjoy the sprinklers. And enjoy them he did.

Speaking of enjoying… Fiona had a blast in the sprinklers. I love the innocence of youth. Why does water from the hose on a hot day taste good? I remember loving it when I was a kid, how water straight from the hose was way better then bottled water.

The joys of summer. I’m hoping that this summer won’t be as bad as last summer and it will be cool enough to actually play outside in the water. Last summer was miserable and even with sprinklers, pools and splash parks it was too hot to be outside.

Look at that grin! I love watching Lincoln experience something for the first time. Judging by the laughing and shrieking my guess is that the kids loved the sprinklers and that this will be a repeated summer activity.


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