Welcome little Emily

July 5, 2012

I was hoping that my friends would have her baby before I headed back to California, for the entirely selfish purposes of getting to meet her right away and not having to wait until I got home. As it was I had to wait a whole day after her arrival to meet her. The moment I could get someone to watch my kids I headed to the hospital to meet little Emily.

Born at 7lbs 9oz she was a little thing (you know in comparison to the giant baby I have), but she is a beautiful little girl.

Who does not like being disturbed when she is trying to sleep.

I am so glad she arrived when she did and that I got to visit them in the hospital

Even with the excitement of Emily, Amy really missed being away from her son. And who could blame her when her son is so sweet?

Jake checked out Emily while she slept, and then got to sit with his sister and his mama.

Grandma was there as well, so while Mama snuggled Jake, grandma held Emily. Such a sweet moment when grandma got all teary while holding her granddaughter.

Welcome Miss Emily, I look forward to watching you grow up!


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