Red Dress 2

June 28, 2012

As introverted as Katie was, her friend Nicole that came along to do the shoot with her was extroverted. Bubbly and outgoing she was a blast to shoot. She wanted a photo with a peacock (she was the one that had suggested Mayfield Park), and kept trying to sneak up on the birds.

Im sure Nicole feels that her body type isn’t ideal, but she is beautiful the way she is. Her personality is as bold and sassy as the peacocks and she is hilarious to be around.

I believe she is studying medicine. And what ever she does in life and wherever she goes I hope she remembers how she felt while rocking this dress; like she could take on the world.

The last picture I snapped at the end of the shoot as we were heading out to our cars is one of my favorite. Its not technically a fabulous shot, but to me this photo reminded me the most of Nicole’s personality. She was determined to get close to one of those peacocks. And she stealthily attempted to sneak up on it. Of course you can see the bird eying her wearily and Nicole barely able to contain a giggle.

I wish the best for both of the girls in their adventures ahead and I hope this photo shoot that they are just as beautiful inside as they are on the outside.


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