Sibling love

June 27, 2012

When we just had Fiona I couldn’t imagine how I was going to split that love with another child. Then Lincoln came along and I discovered my love didn’t split,the amount of love I had grew. I love these two little people equally. At the moment they aren’t all that much alike; Fiona is demanding and Lincoln is laid back. And I love their differences. I can’t imagine now only having one child. A whole other side of Fiona has emerged since Lincoln arrived on the scene. She is nurturing, loving, and will act like a total goofball to make her brother smile. He on the other hand adores Fiona and giggles loudly at her antics. The bond these two have will grow and change but I hope that they are there for each other and will always try to make the other smile.

I was making dinner the other night and while stirring the pasta I could here singing and giggling coming from the living room. My camera happened to be on the counter and I grabbed it on my way to see what they were up to (I can see them from the kitchen, I just couldn’t see their faces).  Fiona was clapping Lincolns hand behind his back and singing some song that went along with it. Lincoln thought it was hilarious.

I watched for a few minutes to make sure she wasn’t hurting his arms, but it looked like they were both busy having too much fun. So I got ready to go finish dinner.

Then she hugged him. Im sure she was actually playing the game where she tries to pick him up and squeezes him (cue both of them giggling), then she tells him he is too heavy. Which he is too heavy, he only weighs 10 lbs less then she does.

Their goofy grins makes my heart hurt with so much love. I can’t imagine my life (and I really don’t want to) without these two in it. Yes we travel less (we still travel though!) with two kids, yes we will spend alot more money on activities for them (dance, swimming, soccer, music lessons all times 2). But the moment they hug each other  you realize all the extra costs are worth it. They will always have someone who understands what its like to grow up with their crazy parents, someone to keep them company in the backseat on family road trips, someone to grow up with.


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