Lincoln – 9 months

June 19, 2012

9 months! The last month has been pretty rough on you. You spent most of it sick with ear infections, or a ear infection that just wouldn’t go away. And apparently you don’t do ear infections well. You spent alot of time throwing up (who knew your little belly could hold so much!), and I spent a lot of time cleaning up. And sadly I spent over a third of the month away from you (so hard to do!). Mama had to work in California for 11 days, and it seriously was the longest 11 days of my life being away from you and your sister. But I brought back presents for you in an attempt to lessen my guilt. So when your in therapy later, just remember I tried to bribe you with books and clothes.

Even though it was a rough month for you health wise that didn’t stop you from growing (well, it did stop you from gaining weight, you actually lost over a lb the first few days you were sick) and learning. Two new teeth came in, and you have 3 more about to come in. Your also just figuring out how to be mobile. You scoot around on your butt a little bit. You are almost never in the exact spot that I left you, but you aren’t very far. You only scoot a foot or two. Your thinking about crawling, you get on all fours and do the rocking thing. Your probably not too far away from crawling.

You are incredibly inquisitive, and want to investigate everything within your reach. We never really had to baby proof with your sister, we would just tell her no and redirect her. I have a feeling once you get mobile we are going to have some serious Lincoln proofing ahead of us.

Remember a month ago when you were just starting to feed yourself? You are much better at it now. It drives your father nuts that I allow you to do this to yourself, but now I can eat lunch with you instead of cramming food into my mouth in between your bites. We do still feed you when a spoon is required, but I guess “required” is some times left up to interpretation.

You also totally rock at drinking out of a straw, and have that whole sippy cup thing down. Your not always coordinated enough to get it to your mouth, but you keep trying.

You think peek-a-boo is the best game ever invented, and will often start the game your self by flipping up your bib and covering your face, and then giggling hysterically when you pull it down and we say “peek-aboo!”

Today we had a long wait at the dr’s office so you entertained yourself with a fun game of peek-a-boo. You also love to throw the exam table paper all around; up in the air, over your head, torn into little bits of paper all over the office. I’m sure they love cleaning up after you have been in.

You are still a happy giggly baby, and people still remark on how fabulous you are. You make this whole parenting thing look fun. You thought it was great the other day when I got you and your sister each a balloon at central market. You spent the entire shopping trip bopping the balloon around and laughing.

On to your dr appointment and stats. Your check up went great and not surprisingly you are still a big boy. At this rate are going to be taller then your daddy. You are 30 inches! Which is in the 98%. You lost weight while you were sick and are finally back up to your pre sickness weight at 22 lbs 4 oz, which is in the 90% (imagine how big you would be if you hadn’t lost weight!).

You are a fun little boy, and I love how happy you are about everything. its a joy watching you grow. My only request is can you please go back to sleeping in your own bed? Your finally better, you don’t need to sleep upright anymore so its time to embrace your crib once again. But otherwise I hope you continue to think the world is a fabulously fun place.

Happy 9 months kiddo!


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