Rocking out with Daddy

June 5, 2012

Lincoln is a mama’s boy through and through… at least for now. He is discovering that daddy is pretty interesting though. Mark was watching him for a few minutes while I did something (I don’t even remember what now. Errand? Work? Who knows) and when I went in to check on them, Mark was on the floor playing his guitar for Lincoln.

Lincoln was a captive audience.

Mark let Lincoln play Fiona’s guitar (shhh, I wont tell Fiona if you don’t). How cute is Lincoln while he is watching his daddy?

I love that he tried to figure out how the guitar worked. Hmmm… the noise comes from the strings near this hole… but how?

Such a happy little guy. He will soon discover that his daddy has all kinds of fun toys that make lots of noise. Let the fun begin!


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