May 31, 2012

In a few days I will be heading off to another event for work. This time with out kids. It will be the longest I’ve ever spent away from either kid since they were born; 10 days. I like it when they tag along, I get to see them for brief moments into between work. But this event is really long hours locked away in a room, and it would be hard to find a nanny for that long. So they are staying home with daddy while I head to CA.

But before I head out on another work trip, I figured I should finally finish editing the photos from my last one!

One of the mornings I didn’t have to start until 9am. So after breakfast the kids and I headed out on a walk around the grounds of the hotel and checked out the butterfly garden, the lake and the ducks.

Our fabulous nanny that was there for a few days until Mark could join us, picked up a floaty ring for the kids to play with. Lincoln got to use it occasionally when Fiona was bored of it, and even got to float down the lazy river in it. He looks pretty comfy.

Fiona had a blast playing in the water. There were 9 pools connected by a lazy river. She was in heaven!

Lincoln had a pretty good time splashing in the toddler pool.

The pool was a new experience for him, but one that will be repeated many times over the summer. He starts swim lessons next month so he will get plenty of pool time.

Lincoln also enjoyed hanging out by the pool.

Although all that pool time was exhausting. I think he fell asleep at the pool every day. He played hard and then crashed hard.

One of the times we were walking around Fiona discovered squirrels. In the area we live in there aren’t many squirrels (wild hare, deers, and toads, but no squirrels). She thought the squirrels were fascinating, and we had to follow them for awhile.

This was probably the funnest work trip I’ve done. I worked a crazy amount of hours but managed to see the kids on my way to and from meetings and I got to work in the hotel room after I put the kids to bed. So I still got to see them. The trip next week will not be like that. But on the trip next week I will have coworkers; I will be surrounded by adults for 10 days having adult conversations and not changing a single diaper.


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