May 29, 2012

I figure before I head back out to California next week, I should finish editing photos from my last trip… 4 months ago. I know, I know, I just get distracted by the shiney new photos I take and forget to go back and edit the older ones.

While I was in California my sister was able to drive down and visit for the morning before I flew home. I was so glad to get to see her and my nieces. Most of my trips to CA are a whirlwind of work and I never have the chance to drive up and see her. I bribed her with seeing her nephew and delivering a birthday present to my niece that was too big to ship.

Yes, that is my sister, and no we don’t look all that much alike. Although we do have the same ears. She got my dad’s coloring and I have my mothers. She is blonde, I’m brunette. She has blue eyes, I have brown. She has straight hair, I have curly. But we have similarities like the same ears, same shape mouth, and a love of graham crackers and frosting (don’t knock it until you try it!).

She has two girls, who are growing up far too fast. Luckily there is the phone and video chat to stay in touch so that I can be there virtually while they grow up. And my sister can be there virtually for my kids.

But the girls did get to meet Lincoln in person. Back when he was a chubby, round faced baby.

I can’t believe my oldest niece is 9 already! And she takes after me… meaning she broke her arm and is in a cast.

But she is great with babies, even while rocking a cast.

Ahh sisters. Im sure my sister and I have a photo that looks very similar to this one (except she would have been the older one, and I would have been the one in the cast).

I like how in the photos the girls took turns glaring at me. Im sure they planned it “Its your turn to glare at the camera! Make sure she doesn’t get a photo of us both smiling!”

So glad I got to see my sister and nieces and so glad that they got to meet Lincoln.


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