A butterfly baby shower

May 23, 2012

A friend of mine is expecting a little girl next month and I cohosted a shower for her. Amy was going with a butterfly theme in the room with pink and sage green as the colors, so we went with that as the theme of the shower. Since Amy already has a little boy, we wanted a girly shower. All pinks, flowers and butterflies.

I designed the back of the invitation as well. I did a mama butterfly and 2 little baby butterflies; one for each of her kids (her son, and soon to be daughter).

The main hostess is fabulously crafty, dare I say even more crafty then myself, so it was a lot of fun planning and designing the shower. Hannah makes really cute door wreathes (that she sometimes has in her etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/sweetpartdesigns) and she showed me how to make one so that I could help with some of the decorations.

Since it was a small intimate shower we were able to make all of the food ourselves. I was in charge of the fruit and cheese.  I also made little signs for all the food, so everyone knew what everything was. I dusted off my old fruit tray making skills (ah, the things you learn at your job in high school. I bet I can still make a tomato rose if I needed to), and made a very pretty fruit tray. In case you are wondering that is mint mixed in with the watermelon (try it sometime, its tasty and refreshing).

My friends learned that if they want normal cheese then they shouldn’t put me in charge of it. But I think I got a few of the girls hooked on chevre.

For favors we got little plantable paper cut into butterflies and assembled the little containers to plant them in. And Hannah made chocolate butterfly lollipops.

Here are a few photos of the decorations. The vision was Hannah’s, I merely assisted and fluffed pom poms.

The happy mother to be.

The shower was a lot of fun, and we got to celebrate the mama to be. And I will happily cohost any event with Hannah again, it was so much fun working with another crafter/artist.


5 Responses to “A butterfly baby shower”

  1. I love this. It was cute, simple, and just looked peaceful:)!

  2. Kristina said

    Super cute! Where did you find/how did you make the butterflies for the kissing ball?

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