Lincoln at 8 months

May 15, 2012

Another month has gone by and Lincoln you are inching your way toward the 1 year mark. Today you are 8 months old. You are still that happy baby that you have been thus far. In fact you might be even happier now, people constantly remark on happy you are. You think everything is hilarious. Last night you sat on my lap on the deck sharing your animal crackers with tibi and giggling like crazy. You find tibi in general pretty funny. You like to pet her, and by pet I mean smack her on her head. Luckily tibi likes you (my guess would be that it has something to do with the animal crackers…). You think your sister is down right hilarious. And you giggle your little head off when we make your stuffed animals talk.

Your giggle is infectious, and we can’t help but smile and try to find ways to keep you laughing. You interact more with us and your environment. You play with toys, you reach for things, you engage. You don’t however move. You have zero interest in crawling. You will lay flat on your belly from a sitting position to reach whatever it is you want. And if you still can’t reach it you try to use other toys to nudge it closer. But mostly your happy to play with what ever is in reach.

You do like to stand though and are getting pretty good at it! I think the lack of crawling is that your arm muscles aren’t strong enough to support you for too long. Your not a small baby, its a lot of weight to lift! Your legs on the other hand, are strong and can easily hold you up so that you can bang on things from a different position.

Your daddy discovered that you love to  listen to him play music.

You try to play along, or eat the guitar… sometimes both. But you love to make noise. I can give you a wooden spoon and a pot while I cook dinner and you will happily beat on the pot (your sister never did that, she would just chew on the spoon). One of your favorite toys is the tambourine. And I have a feeling when we set your daddy’s drum set up in the playroom we aren’t going to be able to keep you away.

You also discovered books this month. Oh, you knew what they were before, but you did not try to steal them and play with them by yourself.

Now storytime with you and your sister involves many books, and sometimes you both sit side by side and “read”. Touch and feel books are your favorite, but really any book will do. Luckily you don’t chew on the books, which you could do now that you have 2 teeth! The first one appeared without us even realizing that you were teething and the second starting poking through a day after we realized you had the first one. So far teething hasn’t been too hard on you. But almost everything goes in your mouth and you chew on everything.

Speaking of chewing… your food repertoire has expanded quite a bit this month. You love to feed your self so we have introduced a bunch of finger foods. Yesterday for lunch you had the same thing as your sister; a cheese sandwich, hummus, peas and applesauce. We still do pureed foods for some meals, but then its a fight over which one of us gets to use the spoon; you or me. You are a messy eater and normally need to be changed after each meal, one of these days Im going to remember to take your clothes off for meal time it might be cleaner. Your daddy says meal time is an art experiment. But most of the food does go in to your mouth.

Another thing happened this month that made me kind of sad, your hair grew so much that it no longer sticks straight up. Your no longer my fluffy haired baby. And your hair has lightened as it has come in, which is the opposite of your sister (hers is getting darker). Oh the things I could have done with your sisters hair if she had as much as you at this age!

You have also become much more chatty this month. Lots of “hiya’s” and “yayayayaya”, the last one is normally said over and over really loudly. No idea what “yaya” is, but you are very excited about it. We occasionally hear a “dada”, Im still waiting for the all important “mama”, but so far the closest you get is “Mmmmmm”. At the moment you are chilling on the floor with a book growling at it. Whatever you are trying to say, its very important.

Happy 8 months kiddo!


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