May 14, 2012

Fiona, your not quite three but sometime its seems your going on 13. You are full of spunk and independence. Sometimes thats a good thing, like when it took basically a week and a half to potty train you. It took a week of accidents and then one day it clicked and you’ve been going on the potty since. Yes you still have accidents, but not very often. And you don’t want help little miss “I do it myself”.

Your growing so fast, it seems like just yesterday I was sad that I could no longer shop in the toddler section for your tops, and now those same tops are getting too short. You are going to be one tall young lady. And your probably going to be like your mama and do all your growing early.

You still love your dolls, pink is still the favorite. Your a good little mama to them. You like to nurse your dolls, which I know may make some people uncomfortable when you pull your shirt up at a restaurant. But it makes your mama proud.  Its what you see, so for you its the norm. You also occasionally give your dolls bottles (just like Lincoln occasionally gets them), and you always make sure you burp them after they have eaten. You are such a little nurturer.

Speaking of nurturing… your favorite show at the moment is Doc Mcstuffins. You LOVE to pretend to be a doctor. You go around giving your animals; and brother; check ups. I hear you in your room singing the song about “Taking the ouchies away”, and everytime someone needs to go to the doctor you want to go too.

You often have your dad and I laughing at the things you say (but its equal to the amount of time we spend wanting bang our heads against the wall). Like today you asked your daddy to perform a concert with you, he said he would after he finished lunch. You put your hand on his belly and told him that he was all full. Your daddy had no response to that, so off he went to the other room to sing with you.

And its cute now, but when you guys get older Im sure Lincoln would appreciate if you stopped referring to his bits as a “peanut”. And your mama would like to stop having the conversation about the differences between men and women in grocery stores. Just saying its a little uncomfortable when Im picking up fruit and your pointing at different people saying “thats a man? He has a penis?” “Umm,  yes dear”. Luckily most people try to hide their smirks as they walk away. But I look forward to this stage being over. Also the “why” stage, that is one annoying stage. And you take full advantage “why mama? why?”

You also love helping. Holding the door open, grabbing a diaper for Lincoln, giving Lincoln his pacifier, or picking up things that I’ve dropped. You are eager to help, because it makes you a big girl.

Since you are such a big girl, I treated you last week to your very first pedicure. We were sitting around the house, and you very nicely asked if we could go get our nails painted, even said please several times. So after we cleared it with daddy, thats what we did. We headed to the nail salon, and you picked out the colors for both of us. I tried to pick out a purple, but you told me I needed red because it was a “grown up color”. You got shy when it was our turn and made mommy go first. You watched the women very carefully and eagerly hoped up on my lap when it was your turn. You held really still and when it was done you were so excited that you would show off your pink toes (with flowers!) to anyone that would look.

Sigh… your growing up too fast, and your only 2! What am I going to do in 10 years? Your so smart, and I swear you learn something new every day. Right now your favorite thing to do is play “letters” and “I spy” when we drive. The letters game is where you sit in the back seat and basically read all the letters off all the signs that we pass. Or you will pick a letter and we both look at signs until we find it, which by the way is always the letter H.

Your obsessed with birthdays right now, so I guess its a good thing that yours is coming up soon. Mama needs to get started on the invites and the design for your party soon.


3 Responses to “Fiona”

  1. amanda warren said

    she is such a lovely little girl and so proud of her i hope the next 10 yrs dont go to fast as i to have a little boy and like you dread to think of what it will be like when they dont need you no more,anyway lets not dwell on that and enjoy them because it really does go fast. xx i grew up with mark at school in the UK x

  2. Thanks Amanda. They start off so small and helpless, then they grow so fast and the next thing you know they are telling you to “go away, and leave me alone”. Sigh… Im just glad I get to be around and spend time with them so that I can watch them grow

  3. Sandy Hall (one of your cousins) said

    What a wonderful tribute to your beautiful daughter. Whe is very lucky to have you as her Mom!!!

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