Cleo and Buddy

May 8, 2012

When I was in CA I stayed with a good friend of mine, oddly enough in my old house (which she bought and has since made completely unrecognizable).

She has two pups that rule her household. Cleo who is a relatively young pup (a couple years old), and Buddy who is a old man at 8 years old. They are settling in to their new house, and enjoying their new giant backyard.

Back when our dogs were all pups they used to be best buds. Well Pico and Buddy were best buds, Tibi used to spend her time napping when ever Buddy came over. He always exhausted her. Pico and Buddy would spend hours chasing and wrestling with each other. Which was hilarious to watch because 1) Buddy would always win 2) Buddy is little, like a 1/3 of Pico’s leg little. We used to take the dogs on birthday hikes every year, and Buddy would come over for my dogs birthday parties (what??? don’t act surprised that I used to throw my dogs birthday parties, I mean hello do you read this blog?).

Jill used to run a lot more then she does now, and Buddy trained for several marathons and half marathons with her. So I think he has earned some snuggle time on a blanket.

I bet Cleo keeps Buddy pretty tired with all her puppy playing.

Thanks for letting Lincoln and I stay with you. I enjoyed seeing you guys and I’m pretty sure the dogs enjoyed licking up baby spit up (why is that so tasty to dogs? Yuck!).


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