The last of the bluebonnets

May 4, 2012

Here are the last of the bluebonnet photos, sadly the flowers are gone as well. Growing in their place are bright orange flowers (seriously the wild flowers here are fabulous).

A few friends had met us at the wild flower center (I have a separate post with more photos from that adventure).

Alley also wandered around the bluebonnets.

I love that cute toddle of the not so confident walker. The unsure steps, the hands out for balance. Adorable!

Fiona’s bff was there as well. She happily sat on a rock, and even smiled at me! A rare occurrence when taking photos of my own children.

Remember the lion from Halloween? Well he joined us for our romp in the field of bluebonnets. Those cheeks are seriously squeezable!

He wasn’t all that happy about being there though. He would rather have checked out the light pole on the sidewalk then run around a field of flowers.

This was the closet thing to a smile that he was willing to give me that day. Even his barely there grin is still pretty cute.

We did get him to run around a little bit (mostly by placing him in the field and watching him run to the light pole)

His grumpy boo boo face. And at this point he was done with the whole flower thing and insisted on a snack. Gotta love photographing kids 🙂


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