Heaps in bluebonnets

May 2, 2012

More bluebonnet photos! This time here are a whole bunch of photos of my kids in the flowers.

For one of our playdates last month we went the Wildflower Center. We wandered through the butterfly garden and then meandered down one of the many paths that surround the center. We found a patch of bluebonnets along one of the paths and plopped Lincoln down on the path to take some photos.

He thought they looked tasty (dont worry, none actually made it into his mouth).

A few days later we headed out to a different field of bluebonnets. We pass this field on the way to school. Its a field in between a disc golf store and a school. Just a giant field full of flowers. I believe it acts as a dog park to the neighborhood. We headed out with a couple friends and their kids.

Fiona wanted to be a photographer, just like her mommy. So she brought her camera along to take pictures.

My sweet little girl. She insisted on wearing her “princess dress”, I wanted her to wear something normal. But she wanted the poufy princess dress. And Ive learned its not worth a fight over a dress, so off we went it her fancy dress.

I got both kids to sit together, but I guess its asking too much for them both to look at the camera…

Fiona pointing out the flowers to her brother.

Fiona loved running through the flowers chasing the butterflies.

Sometimes this little girl makes me stop what I’m doing and smile, she is her own person with such a strong personality. Other times that strong personality makes me want to bang my head against a wall.


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