Jake and the Bluebonnets

April 30, 2012

Its something of a tradition here in Texas to plop your children/pets in a field of Bluebonnets and take photos. Who Am I to question a tradition such as this? Children running a muck in a field of wild flowers? Sign me up.

Meet Jake.

He thought the bluebonnets were a lot of fun. He ran around and played.

Every time I see this photo I get the song from Sesame Street stuck in my head; “Im a little airplane now”.

How cute is he?

His mom tried to get him to hold still and sit in the flowers. But it just wasn’t going to happen. The instant she sat him down he was on his way back up.

He had some playing to do!

But speaking of his mama, she is currently expecting a little girl. So I managed to convince her to sit in the flowers for at least one shot of her.

She is a gorgeous mama to be, and her daughter will be beautiful.

She tried to get Jake to sit with her…but nope. It wasn’t going to happen. The boy was on the move.

But after all that play, he wore himself out. And finally wanted his mama.

Look for many more blue bonnet photos this week. I took so many photos of various kids that I had to break it up into multiple posts 🙂


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