Lincoln’s Elephant

April 20, 2012

Awhile ago I set Lincoln in his chair and gave him his elephant to play with. He loves his elephant. It is the only toy that sits in the corner of his crib (pediatrician said it was fine) and many nights he pulls it to him and holds its trunk or feet.

He thinks his elephant is funny.

Part of me really hopes this doesn’t turn in to a baby and pink situation, where the elephant has to go everywhere with us.

But for now he has a snuggly pal that is unbelievably soft.

Maybe I should see if I can find a backup one… just in case.

This is a face we rarely see. Lincoln is normally a very happy baby. The only time he really fusses is when he is tired and/or hungry. I know most people want to see only the happy baby photos, but I’m glad I caught the rare boo boo face in action. Im sure as he gets older this face will make  more of an appearance, but until then I will enjoy the rare glimpse (enjoy; meaning I snuggle the sad face away, and who wouldn’t love to snuggle Lincoln?)


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