Playing Pirates, arrrr matey!

April 18, 2012

Our neighbors had (note that I said had… because some how it found its way to our house) a toy pirate ship. Fiona LOVES the thing. She has spent many hours playing pirates.

The boat opens up to reveal captain quarters, it also has a pirate, a bird that talks, a canon that fires things, a hammock and treasure map. All thats adds up to hours of “arrrr matey!”

Someday when Fiona tires of it, the pirate ship will make its way back to our neighbors house… at least until Lincoln discovers it.

Until then there will be many adventures and treasure hunts. I like how every map has become a treasure map, oh to be two and the world full of adventure.

Lincoln may not be into Pirates yet, but he will be someday. Meanwhile he is happy to play with his hands and feet.

He is growing far too fast. Before I know it he will be playing pirates with his sister.


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