7 months

April 16, 2012

Once again another month has sped by and Lincoln you are now 7 months old.You are still a fabulously happy baby, most people who meet you remark on that. You smile and babble at anyone willing to listen, and are attempting to mimic us. If someone waves at you, you raise your arm back at them.

You are a champ at sitting, no tripod for you! You sit and play with all your toys, and you would rather sit then do anything else. Even when you play with and suck on your toes you do it from a seated position (you look funny when you do a forward bend and suck on your toes though!)

You still don’t roll over much. I know you can do it, Ive seen you. You just don’t bother. And why bother rolling when you can sit or stand? Most of your strength seems to be in your legs. You discovered standing and you love to stand and play your piano and dance along to it.

Another first for you this month was the swings. You love the swings, and you love them even more when your sister pushes you.

You adore your sister and smile whenever you see her. You think she is hilarious when she rawrs at you, or plays peek-a-boo with you. My favorite time of the day is when I am cleaning up after a meal and your sister is entertaining you and all I hear is “Rawr!” followed by shrieks of laughter.

Speaking of meals… you got to try lots of new foods this month and have even started feeding yourself. You were so excited the other day when I handed you a piece of my waffle. I often give you toast or puffs to keep you occupied while I make your dinner. And today at a restaurant I gave you peas off my plate (and then wondered how you got to be big enough for me to share my food with you).

Mama had to travel to Orlando for work this month, and both you and your sister got to go too. You are a fabulous traveler and rarely make a peep on the plane. Mostly you sleep (which is what you do every chance you get whether you are on a plane or not). You had a great time playing at the pool for a week and got to go swimming for the first time.

Unfortunately we discovered that the chlorine dried out your skin and you have eczema. Luckily it is easy to treat, but we will have to watch it during the summer.

Your sleeping better at night, and are cutting down your middle of the night snack. And your eating a huge range of foods and like everything…at least you happily eat everything. You are a happy baby and I adore you. Happy 7 months kiddo.


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