Easter 2012

April 10, 2012

Holidays are more fun with kids. I get excited about passing along traditions from my childhood, and experiencing them again as a parent. We aren’t religious, so Easter for us has always been about celebrating the arrival of spring. We painted eggs as kids and my Nanna and grandpa would do an egg hunt in their backyard. With everything going on this year we didn’t dye eggs but I did sneak outside to hide eggs  for an egg hunt.

Fiona loved going outside to hunt the eggs. There was lots of excited “I found one!!”

Next year should be even more fun with both kids hunting the eggs. But this year Fiona enjoyed being the lone hunter.

Although for some reason her farm had to go with her, and she put the eggs in her box instead of her basket. That is until she filled the box. Then she wandered around the yard with a farm, a box and a basket full of eggs.

Lincoln sat happily on his blanket in the grass and went through his basket. The Easter bunny brought him a book, a spring rubber duck, and some teethers. And no, the necklace he is wearing is not his, its Fiona’s. But she insisted on sharing.

The best thing about the eggs is that they held goodies. Although the Easter bunny is far more health conscious then when I was a kid. The eggs held mostly gold fish, yogurt covered raisins,  and a lucky few held all natural fruit gummy snacks.

Lincoln, well he kept on hanging out and played with his toys.

The Easter bunny left a pin wheel for Fiona. She loved blowing it to make it spin. She also got a little pink jeep that raced her match box car down the driveway (the jeep won), the necklace she made her brother wear, and a rubber ducky.

She eventually took her necklace back and happily wore it.

Meanwhile Lincoln tried to see how many toys he could fit in his mouth at one time.

Fiona wasn’t feeling well most of the day. She was running a fever, so we spent most of the afternoon snuggled up on the couch watching Hop. Turns out she has pink eye. Poor thing.


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